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Managing Consultant for Regualtoy Affairs Advisory in NNIT

Meet Samuel Thompson

What do you do at NNIT?
I am a managing consultant in the Regualtoy Affairs Advisory US practice. My background is in Data Architecture and Solution Delivery so I have worked on a Veeva implementation and multiple IDMP projects since I (re)joined NNIT in March 2021.

I had worked previously for NNIT from Janury 2013 through mid-2016, where I was the 2nd full time employee hired into the US Office. It is amazing to see how much we have grown in five short years and I am so lucky that my experience in between was a perfect fit for returning here.

How would you describe NNIT as a workplace?
NNIT is very team oriented. We have numerous industry experts within the company. When I need help on a project, I find I can reach out easily to someone (even if we’ve never met) and they are willing to provide me with advice or expertise because they know when anybody’s project does well, it helps us all.

Any advice for anyone looking for career opportunities in your area of expertise?
Reach out and ask. NNIT is one of the most open and friendly workplaces I have experienced. I have always found that people are willing to share their knowledge and help their fellows in any way possible.
One of the aspects that I enjoy most about NNIT is the open and honest culture that we foster. Because leaders have an open door policy and are very approachable, questions and concerns are addressed before they become rumours. As a result, we don’t have a lot of distraction from office politics.

This culture of openness and honesty is also evident in our work for clients. We are encouraged to bring ”hard truths” to clients, and when we do, our leadership has our backs.

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