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Line manager in Life Science Advisory and Consulting in NNIT

Meet Marina Prodan

What do you do at NNIT?
I work as a line manager in our Life Science Advisory and Consulting Area and am the leader of our Regulatory Affairs delivery consultants in Denmark. Beyond this I also deliver on projects as project manager and am responsible for some of our engagements with Danish life science customers.

How would you describe NNIT as a workplace?
NNIT for me is a welcoming, diverse and challenging workplace where there are a multitude of opportunities of growth. Let me just explain what I mean by that. I say welcoming, because ever since day one at the job I felt like I was part of the team, my colleagues were curious about who I was and were so proactive in presenting themselves but also in introducing me to other peers or interesting projects. This is for me a very big part of the NNIT DNA. Then the other mentioned aspect, diversity represents not only the fact that we have a multitude of colleagues with different nationalities but also with very different educational backgrounds, some have studied business and economics, others IT, pharmacology or even philosophy. This influencing team dynamics positively. Lastly, NNIT is great at helping employees grow. Personally I have started as a business consultant 5 years ago working with our private and public customers on infrastructure projects to understand fundamental aspects of our business. Then a few years onwards I moved on working with customer business areas projects after which I shifted my focus to our life science segment and recently I have started In my first leadership position. All of the steps that I have taken in my career have been actively discussed and supported by my direct leader.

Any advice for anyone looking for career opportunities in your area of expertise?
My biggest advice for anyone right now looking for a career in consulting and fast paced working environments is to be open to just jump into it and be willing to learn on a continuous basis. As the market needs are evolving we need to be able to constantly add more knowledge to our business acumen.

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