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Junior Developer

Meet Frederik Nielsen

I started in NNIT as a trainee during my studies, and it gave me a different and much more confident path to my first job as a newly graduated software developer,” says Frederik Foss Nielsen, Junior Developer in NNIT. 

Much more than programming 

 “I have had a much more diverse education due to my internship in NNIT.” Despite being a developer, the team welcomed Frederik on every project concerning the specific customer: “My team lived out the philosophy that you have to know your entire shop in order to be a good developer, and it was immensely insightful. I have visited customers on-site to better understand the usage of our applications. I have visited colleagues based in Praque and participated in pilot tests. Been an active part of our scrum team and participated in upgrading robots at pharmacies. I got the full tour around our customer in order to understand how, and why, I code”. Working with IT is fun. But to us, it is also crucial to understand why we do what we do. Frederik had not been here for three months before it was clear he possesses a can-do attitude and is a passionate developer throwing himself into new and unknown tasks, to the benefit for us as well as our customers. 

An open and honest environment  

Being open and honest is one of NNIT’s core values, and among other things, this means we appreciate constructive criticism, regardless of how long you have been here:  

I think the fact that I started in NNIT as a trainee has helped me be more confident from day one of my job as junior developer. I have not hesitated to engage myself in projects and presented critique or improvements when I felt it relevant instead of just following my more experienced colleagues.” And this is something Frederik’s team has appreciated greatly. It did not take long before Frederik became the team’s go-to person on outsystems coding and was deeply involved in several projects.  

Do you want to join Frederik in NNIT?  

Whether you are studying or a long-ago graduate, we can offer you a way to develop your career in a way that matches your stage like we did with Frederik. Check out our vacancies here and we hope to see you.