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Meet Marek Durian

Marek Durian is a global manager based in NNIT Czech Republic with extensive experience in software development management and application maintenance.

Strong technical background
Marek has a solid technical background and a deep understanding of the software development life cycle and cloud development. His team works with both ITIL and AGILE methodologies in a truly global environment with colleagues in Denmark and the Philippines.

Trust-based leadership
"With a diligent, honest, and empathetic leader like Marek, you don't 'feel managed,'" said Roman Solich, Principal Solutions Architect, who has worked at NNIT for 16 years. "Marek is a role model you want to follow naturally. Along with taking care of the team and building business opportunities, Marek finds time to learn new things himself, which inspires the entire team to be at our best."

As a manager, Marek has an individual approach to all team colleagues, trying to be patient, understanding, and leading based on the situation.

Focus on learning and self-development
"Leadership is not one-size-fits-all," says Marek. "A junior specialist might require more direction than a senior consultant; a struggling colleague might need support and motivation, while a satisfied skilled employee would flourish under delegation and autonomy. I bring out the best in my teams by creating a positive and flexible work environment focused on learning, knowledge sharing and self-development."

Exciting projects
Marek is now building a software development powerhouse working with these technologies:
• Angular
• C#
• Microservices
• Kubernetes
• RabbitMQ
• SharePoint
• WebAPI

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