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Master Data Management in Life Sciences

Life sciences organizations are increasingly realizing that numerous business misunderstandings and misinterpretations about their data are happening across their organization. Hence, the need for getting the data under control is more desirable than ever.

A common understanding of data is critical to effective system integrations as well as the successful implementation of unified platforms. As more organizations consider using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools, the criticality will grow. This common understanding must persist across systems and processes and throughout the value chain for teams to get the most from their data.

With Master Data Management (MDM), a technology-enabled discipline ensuring uniformity and accuracy in shared master data assets, a solid data foundation is established across the organization. This ultimately contributes to:

• Better patient safety during drug development
• Data-driven insights in Clinical trial planning, execution, and reporting
• Enablement of informed decision-making
• and faster time to market

Download this webinar and learn more about how to move on with your Master Data Management agenda by assessing what you currently have and determine where you want to go.


  • MDM and data governance as accelerators of innovation and transformation
  • Leverage data standards such as IDMP to gain competitive advantage
  • Questions and answers


  • Agnete Bjerregaard Nielsen, Principal Advisory Consultant, NNIT.
  • Maria Baun Marcker, Director & Head of Digital Solutions, NNIT.

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