Doctors walking in hallway of hospital

Creating value for patients and healthcare sector

​​​Health IT can help you provide high quality and efficient patient care and improve the life conditions for patients.


The public healthcare sector is facing big challenges. While the general population is living longer, the human body inevitably declines over time, increasing the demand for effective healthcare products and services. This puts growing pressure on the healthcare sector.

At the same time, hospitals and doctors are limited by the budgets being imposed on them. Adopting to strict budgetary constraints without lowering the quality of patient treatment is a difficult balancing act that calls for effective IT solutions.

All the while striving to cope with changing demographics and budget constraints, the healthcare sector meets growing expectations of good patient experiences that put the patient at center of care and ensure a seamless transition between departments. Doing so requires data in order for both administrative leaders and clinicians to make decisions and guide planning. As such, the need for high-quality data continues to grow, thus increasing the demand for IT solutions to deliver value-adding data metrics. ​​

We take care of your IT as if it were our own
At NNIT, we understand the challenges that the healthcare sector is facing - and we understand the hospitals from an IT perspective. Our competencies range from advisory in the pre-production phase to project management in terms of implementation as well as creating operational stability and handling support. We strive to make the healthcare in Denmark and Europe even better, by advising on the optimization of IT related issues.

In a changing digital landscape, healthcare institutions need a secure and agile digital platform to better help patients. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure lets you focus on patients without having to worry about maintenance - knowing that we take care of your IT as if it was our own.

NNIT can help increase IT efficiency through application outsourcing. Whether you are dependent on business applications such as ERP, CRM, Document Management or Clinical applications, NNIT can apply best practices to match your business needs and help you focus on developing your business. 

With NNIT, you can stay ahead and avoid disruption in the process of digital transformation. With deep roots in the pharma industry, NNIT has unique insights and can help you in utilizing competitive and agile IT solutions in order for your organization to evolve into a fully digital butterfly.

Solutions based on sector know-how
NNIT is an experienced and reliable partner for all IT Services, with a proven track record for successful IT implementations to bridge business and IT. NNIT runs critical IT infrastructure and has implemented vital solutions for a broad range of healthcare clients.