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NNIT Veeva Business Advisory & Consulting

With the right advisory, you can maximize the value Veeva brings to your business

The Veeva Vault platform can bring tremendous benefits to a life sciences business.

But realizing that potential requires careful planning and changes to routines, processes, and mindsets. At NNIT, we are among the world’s leading advisors on how to maximize the value of Veeva.     

Whether your organization has gone all-in on Veeva or is rolling out individual Veeva Vaults in a stepwise approach, you need to consider how to embed the Vaults in your IT landscape to reap the entire potential of your investment.

With Veeva Vault, life sciences organizations have access to a tool that can greatly improve the efficiency of their work. But like any tool, using Veeva correctly requires knowledge, training and planning.

When you buy into Veeva, you get much more than a technical system. You are buying compliance, quality and cooperation as a service. Veeva Vault provides a unified platform for your most essential business processes that are continuously improved and updated several times per year. This means that your entire organization needs to be prepared in order to maximize the value of your investment.  

Optimize your Veeva planning and processes

Ensuring that your organization can optimize your use of Veeva Vault requires planning, leadership and a new mindset. Internal procedures must be altered to accommodate new methods of cooperation, and a long-term plan must be drawn up for managing updates and new features. Furthermore, you need to manage your data streams from multiple sources into one unified platform.

Using a combination of traditional process management and user stories, NNIT can advise you on business roadmaps and explain the consequences of future updates to your line of business.

One of Veeva’s major strengths is that many core pharma processes are built into the system by default. Through business advisory, NNIT can help you determine which of your processes align smoothly with the platform, and where it makes sense to customize.

Get a grip on change management and training

Organizational change management and training is an essential part of mastering the constant upgrades and new functionalities for the Veeva Vaults platform. Your organization must be prepared to keep up to date without compromising regulatory compliance or having to devote excessive resources to maintaining training material and running internal training sessions.  

At NNIT, we have extensive experience with preparing organizations for these changes. Let us ensure that your change agents and training material are ready for the challenge.

NNIT provides world-class Veeva Business Advisory & Consulting

NNIT is a Veeva Premiere Services Partner within Development Cloud and Europe’s largest Veeva implementation partner. Independent parties such as Gens & Associates and Everest Group recognize us as a leading Veeva service provider.

With more than 250 experienced Veeva life sciences consultants and 450 completed Veeva projects, we possess the technical expertise, industry knowledge, business insights and real-life experience needed to provide you with the best possible business advisory.

Do you want to maximize the value Veeva can bring to your business?  We are ready to help!

Want to forge the best possible foundation for working with Veeva Vaults as a unified platform? We are ready to assist and advise you with business advisory.

So, get in touch now and let us advise you on how to align Veeva Vault perfectly with your business.