NNIT AI Machine Learning 001

Aura-X: Automated Regulatory Extraction

Activating Data to Transform Regulatory Processes

Is your organization prepared for Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP)?

Can you quickly access, use, and share critical Regulatory data across departments, products, programs, and portfolios?

Has your data-driven company automated the extraction of Regulatory data from submission documents for use across the organization?

The global movement toward structured data submissions such as the Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) is founded on Regulatory data. This critical data currently exists in documents used for Regulatory submissions and supporting document collections.

Locating, accessing, extracting, and using the data has traditionally been a manual effort that is:

  • Time consuming
  • Resource intensive
  • Costly
  • Error prone


NNIT understands the critical nature of Regulatory data and the importance of speed, accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness across the R&D organization. That’s why we developed Aura-X.

Aura-X is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) driven solution that includes:

  • AI-driven technology that automates data extraction
  • Regulatory domain knowledge that is built into the technology
  • Regulatory expertise that augments the technology to increase accuracy

Aura-X combines cutting edge technology with essential domain expertise to help Life Sciences teams quickly and efficiently extract critical data from the unstructured format of documents based on pre-defined business rules and controlled vocabularies. Our solution enables these teams to prepare their organizations for future data submission requirements and use the data to improve operations.

Our solution frees up teams to focus on meaningful work while using reliable Regulatory data.