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NNIT Veeva Vault Quality

Welcome to our Veeva Quality Insight Page! Here, we keep you in the loop with the latest enhancements, features and advancements in the Veeva Quality domain from exciting new functionalities to industry trends and best practices. Our updates will keep you informed and ready to maximize the potential of Veeva Quality in your Quality management journey. Stay connected for a continuous stream of insights that will elevate your experience with Veeva Quality.  

Veeva have been adding significant new features related to Audit Management to the Vault Quality Suite in recent releases. For the latest 23R3 release an eagerly awaited Auditor Management feature is available, allowing organizations to have more control on who can participate in Audits.

With the addition of this new capability Veeva have again demonstrated that they are listening closely to the market and can quickly add new features and make significant functional improvements.

Whilst this is a massive benefit to customers and highlights an advantage of the SaaS model, there are always challenges with the continuous introduction of new Vault features. These include:

  • Gaining the appropriate level of knowledge 
  • Identifying which features to progress and which are of most relevance to the business.
  • Identifying the business impact of implementing features and the steps required to deploy them
  • Identifying how to technically implement the features, taking into account factors such as the existing Vault configuration, integrations and other already planned work

These challenges are partly mitigated by the work the Veeva Customer Success team perform and the documentation Veeva make available, but NNIT can help fill in any gaps by assisting customers with 

  • Detailed knowledge sharing sessions, Customer Specific Proof of Concepts 
  • Business advisory, Change Support
  • Technical implementation
  • Impact assessments
  • Test and Validation 

With our knowledge of Vault Quality Suite features, configuration options, integration touchpoints and business processes, NNIT have the skills to help customers implement new features quickly and seamlessly.