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NNIT and Benchling's Exchange Group Events for Life Sciences Companies First Forum

NNIT together with Benchling, is organizing a series of exchange group events, focused on Digitalization of R&D Labs which is taking place in Denmark at NNIT HQ. The exchange group aims to provide a forum for peers across the life sciences ecosystem in Denmark. The forum is organized to share challenges and experiences in the digitalization journey that many organizations are planning, currently participating in, or driving.

On March the 7th 2023, the first forum was organized around the topic of Digitalization in R&D Labs, focusing on electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solutions and their role in the lab of the future. The next event will take place on June 13th register below 

Some of the topics that have been discussed through the first event: 

  1. How to choose a solution – ELN or other?

    The large number of solutions in the market, where vendors claim a wide range of applications and functionality can be challenging.  Although the number of alternatives is appreciated, it places a burden on the customer companies. Finding the best candidate solution to implement implies a large effort in terms of time and resources to understand the pros and cons of each solution, including what is the core application and functionality where fitness-for-purpose is excellent and where it is a stretch.

  2. Defining an ELN?

    We should stop suggesting that ELN solutions are a paper-on-glass version of a paper notebook where text and files are attached. In a future where data must be captured in a format and structure that ensures re-usability, it is advised to carefully discuss and define the purpose and main priorities for an ELN solution for a given organization. The main purpose can, for example, be regarded as the solution to structure cross-functional workflows.  The solution be used for task management and collaboration, enabling the collection of data and metadata as part of the workflows but not being the system of storage.

  3. Engaging the organization to succeed

    Digitalization effort only succeeds if there is an investment in engaging the organization in the change(s) before, during, and after a project. While many times, organizational change management activities are included in the scope of the project, they are less often part of the project analysis and initiation phases, and very rarely included in the operational phase. Inclusion oiin the operational phase would correspond to activities that ensure continued adoption and best use of the digital solution. 

  4. Integrations between IT systems and lab instruments

    For most established companies (not starting up), there is an already existing IT landscape of multiple solutions. It will never be replaced by one all-encompassing platform from a single vendor. Therefore, a landscape of new, not-so-new and legacy solutions must be managed proactively.  This requires a strategy for how integrations are to be established and managed.  


To continue these engaging conversations, a second event is planned for June 13th, 2023 at the NNIT headquarters.

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If you find the topic and related discussions interesting but are not in the Copenhagen area, please let us know as we are discussing the best formats to engage with a wider life sciences community across Europe and globally.