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Accelerate your Power BI journey with NNIT’s services

We advise, build, manage and support you in all steps on your Power BI journey.


A partnership on your Power BI journey
With a 360° services suite, NNIT can assist you in any aspect of your Power BI journey. In collaboration, we assess your current (Power) BI landscape and establish how we may best help you to realize your full business value through utilizing Power BI. Many common business applications have out-of-the-box reporting, but it is typically limiting and inflexible. NNIT can help you build Power BI solutions that transform your data into manageable and intuitive dashboards accessible to all business decision-makers.

The service suite has a strong focus on data security, high user adoption, and stable performance of the Power BI platform.

  • Get proactively in control of data security, user adoption, and license structure in your organization
  • Make Power BI a common BI tool in your organization and create synergies towards the entire Microsoft portfolio.
  • Democratize BI in your organization to enable data-driven decision-making across all levels.

Typical challenges in organizations with no consistent approach

  • End users blindly purchase Power BI subscriptions, resulting in unnecessary and unpredictable costs
  • Manual or even incompliant workarounds by users to meet their reporting and analytics needs
  • Too many users can access and administrate data without business purpose
  • Fragmented use and limited adoption of Power BI itself and in combination with other Microsoft cloud services
  • Redundancy in reporting and analytics tools in the organization


Power BI Suite

Our Power BI services

Setting up the work processes, best practices and procedures for ensuring a governed approach to applying Power BI across the organization.

Enabling the organization’s workforce to utilize Power BI for data-driven decision making and solving tasks in their daily work through learning and training.

Advisory, development and implementation of Power BI solutions – combing data from multiple data sources like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Veeva, etc. to match your specific reporting needs.

Ensuring stable operations of Power BI processes and solutions, including ongoing optimization and support for IT and end users

An agile delivery model to accommodate your organization
We have great experience with introducing or upgrading Power BI seamlessly across an organization, where your line of business plays an important part in continuous improvements. We establish a team of SMEs that know your type of data, segment, and existing applications, who will steadily extend Power BI across your organization.