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Application Security

Is your business critical data secure?

Cybersecurity threats have never been as diverse as they are today, and almost every day new threats emerge. Hackers target the weakest points of organizations in increasingly sophisticated ways, and very often they look to exploit vulnerabilities in applications to gain access to business data.

In the era of digital transformation, the need to secure applications that access business-critical data is higher than ever. It is no longer enough for organizations to only rely on infrastructure security controls to protect their assets. Applications must include built-in security controls to withstand current cybersecurity threats, and organizations should continuously improve the security posture of their applications by adopting secure software development life cycle activities such as security training, threat modeling, and security testing.

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Considering security throughout the entire software development life cycle will minimize the risk of security incidents and significantly improve the protection of your business-critical data while maintaining the agility and productivity of your development teams. Security must be taken seriously, even for non-business critical applications in order to prevent attackers from gaining backdoor-access to other critical assets within your organization. In the digital ecosystem, hackers will attack the weakest link.

NNIT's team of application security experts are ready to assist your development teams on their journey to adopt the secure software development life cycle. Our services include:

  • Secure Development Life Cycle Coach Service
  • Application Security Health Check Service
  • Application penetration testing
  • Developer training course in application security principles

Provide general application security design and implementation advisory in areas such as privacy by design, threat modeling, design review, and secure coding.

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Are you prepared to protect your business-critical IT?

The global efforts to control and contain the COVID-19 pandemic is a blunt and brutal reminder of the necessity of solid Business Continuity Management. The widespread quarantine has suddenly made digital workspaces vital and cybercriminals are keen to take advantage. Do you have a plan in place to protect or recover the IT systems that are vital to keep your business running?

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We're a Managed Security Service Provider helping you manage your ​cyber-security strategy, processes, certifications, controls and compliance measures.​

Based on strong partnerships with solution providers, we can build a ​full-scale Cyber Defense Center. We can establish solid identity and ​access management solutions, assess your threat posture in real-time ​and respond to any threat fast.

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New to cybersecurity? Educate yourself on the new digital realities and why cybersecurity awareness is essential to any business today. 

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We are ready to assist you

NNIT has a large number of information security specialists ready to assist you. Together they have an enormous range and depth of competencies. We also have our own Cyber Defense Center, and if lightning strikes, we respond and assist you. Fast.

Read on to learn how our cybersecurity services can help your business stay compliant, secure, and future-ready.