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Scaling Small and Mid-Size Clinical Organizations: Transforming Growing Pains into Growing Plans

Small and mid-sized life sciences organizations are at the frontier of innovation, yet they face formidable challenges that threaten progress, particularly in Clinical Operations.

While experiencing rapid growth, these teams want to optimize enabling technologies such as Veeva Clinical Vault.  Similarly, larger organizations may not have fully realized the benefits and operational efficiency of Veeva Clinical Vault. They commonly experience:

  • Resource Limitations: Smaller teams often lack the alignment, resources, and/or skill sets required to fully support platforms like Veeva Vault, leaving them grappling with inefficiencies and gaps.
  • Difficulty Managing Releases: These teams struggle to assess, prioritize, validate, and implement new features that Veeva rolls out three times a year.
  • Compliance Risks: The inability to optimize processes, update SOPs, and train users fosters inefficiency, impedes scalability, and risks noncompliance.

Recognizing these critical issues, NNIT has developed a robust, two-phased approach aimed at fostering scalable efficiency and compliance:

Phase 1 - Strategic Assessment and Roadmap Development

This phase analyzes the present state, envisions a preferred future state, and identifies the gaps and strategies necessary for bridging them, crafting a roadmap toward sustainable and scalable efficiency.

  • End User Feedback 
  • Configuration Analysis
  • System Usage Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • System Support & Governance Analysis
  • End User Support Analysis

Phase 2 - Roadmap Execution

The second phase embodies action, where the roadmap is brought to life. NNIT offers flexibility, continuity, and consistency, filling gaps to ensure that the people, processes, and technologies are optimized to deliver scalable capabilities.

  • Each team has unique needs.
  • Their needs will change as quickly as they grow.
  • NNIT’s flexible approach offers business and technical support throughout the journey, where and when it is needed.

Grow with Us

NNIT’s tailored strategies and solutions help small and mid-sized teams, regardless of where they are on their journey toward sustainable growth and success.

  • Efficiency and Scalability: Through a well-crafted roadmap, organizations can anticipate a transformation toward streamlined processes and sustainable growth.
  • Flexible, Highly Skilled Talent: Robust team delivers relevant business and technical expertise where and when it is needed.
  • Enhanced Operations and Improved Compliance: Our strategies are designed to bolster performance, minimize compliance risks, and keep organizations on their growth journey.

How can we help you?

- Strategic Assessment & Roadmap Development
- Roadmap Execution
- Resource Requirements (onboarding checklists, defining roles, creating job descriptions)
- SOP Development
- TMF Optimization & Inspection Readiness
- Study & Document Management
- CRO Operating Model
- CRO Document and Data Exchange
- M&A and Legacy System Migrations
- Training Program Materials & Guidance
- System Configuration & Business Process Design
- Reporting and Dashboard Design
- Validation & Deployment
- Ongoing Vault Administration and Change Management Support

NNIT: Trusted Partner to Small and Mid-Sized Life Sciences Companies

The Veeva Vault Clinical Suite delivers industry-leading capabilities to clinical teams. NNIT works with existing support teams (customer and Veeva) to streamline the path to success. By partnering with NNIT, growing teams can harness the power and advanced technology available in Veeva Vault and overcome challenges that undermine their potential.

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