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Data and AI

Maximize the use of data in decision-making processes by streamline use of Power BI

Watch webinar: Empower Reporting and Analytics with a Governed Use of Power BI Across Your Organization

Data driven decision-making is high on the agenda in many companies. As part of this pursuit, it is crucial to establish a governance framework to manage data in a controlled and centralized set-up. 

By using Power BI Governance, companies can leverage efficient report development with easy sharing and access to data. All framed by the company’s governance and administration and still with a focus to optimize usage of workspace and cost management.

This webinar will provide you an insight to how we work to streamline the use of Power BI in your organization to maximize the use of data in decision-making. We will address topics like tenant settings, capacity and cost management, workspace best practices, gateways monitoring, as well as automation of admin processes.


  • Why Governance is important - and what happens when it is not in place
  • Power BI Governance
  • Case Story