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Senior Developer in NNIT

Meet Jiří Robenek

Could you please introduce yourself?
I have been working in NNIT for more than six years as a Senior Developer. I began my IT career back in 2007 as a Java Developer and moved my attention mainly to content management systems after some time. I always liked their complexity, which helped me gain knowledge from different areas and work on many interesting projects. 

You have been working on one account for six years; how has the experience been? 
I have been supporting the EDMS system, which uses Documentum D2 on the application layer. It was actually the first time I worked on a system where using the configuration tool, behaviors, and policies of content can be defined, and a need for a custom code is minimalized.  

Besides regular L3 support, I usually do changes on the system that requires translating business requirements into technical solutions and then actual implementations, e.g., changes in documents' lifecycles and workflows, automating tasks for complex operations, mass updates, data exports, and so on. Working on this project has given me the great opportunity to become versed in GxP requirements for the first time in my professional career. 

You are Veeva Vault certified; how are you planning to apply your Veeva knowledge in practice, and what does this new project mean for your career development? 
I always worked with on-premise systems - most of them were complex and heavily customized, so any major change was a lengthy and painful process, which required a great deal of investigation.  

The great thing about Veeva is that it is unified, enabling you to pass more changes in a short time, and for integrations, you get strictly defined APIs. Due to this, I am very excited to have been onboarded to a new project where we will be developing integrations with Veeva using Mulesoft. 

Overall, how would you describe NNIT and your manager's role in enabling you to develop your skills and career? 
My manager has always supported me and my skills and professional development. Since I joined the company, I have been certified in multiple areas, such as Java, AWS, ITIL, SQL, and Veeva. NNIT has provided the platform for that. 

What advice would you give to other employees looking for a change in their career paths within NNIT?
Keep working on your skills, learn new technologies, and stay updated with the latest IT trends.