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Who We Are

The NNIT Way

Together, our Aspiration, our Values, and our Strategy outlines the way we work in NNIT. We call it working the NNIT Way.

We Make a Mark
We are dedicated to helping our customers improve their business, and we attract people who are wired to make a mark and improve businesses and society through technology.

Since our foundation, we have demonstrated that our customer centricity, proximity, and solutions have the power to make a difference. Today, IT influences every aspect of society, and our pioneering spirit is stronger than ever as we continue to explore the digital frontier.

We believe that when driven by conscience and the pursuit of excellence, IT enables us to reach goals that may at first seem impossible.

We are more than digital experts. We are enablers, committed to making a mark in business and society, bringing digital transformation to life.

Want to join us?

Our values are deeply anchored in us, as individuals and as a company. Wherever you meet us, you can expect that we outlive these values. That is our promise to you – and to ourselves.


We enable fast value creation for customers through winning solutions that are based on proven concepts, fit for purpose and first time right.