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Webinar - Co-hosted with veeva

Top priorities for your PV business

April 28, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM CET

Join our webinar on April 28

Welcome to the NNIT webinar on drug safety!

As the first Veeva partner to help transition to the Veeva Vault Safety platform, we are thrilled to invite you to join NNIT and Veeva's upcoming webinar.

We will present the current top PV priorities that will be addressed from a business perspective from NNIT, and a technical solution based vantage point from Veeva. We will be focusing on the following topics:
- Moving to a unified platform
- Workload increase, regulation increase and safety case intake increase
- Safety compliance and data quality
- Automation becoming operational

Jen Markey VP for Safety Strategy in Europe at Veeva Systems
Mark Loudon Advisory Director for Drug Safety at NNIT
Jesper Borgstrøm Advanced Advisory Consultant for Drug Safety at NNIT

Hosted by Brooke Casselberry Director for Regulatory and Drug Safety at NNIT and Jesper Borgstrøm Advanced Advisory Consultant for Drug Safety at NNIT

1. NNIT welcome, NNIT and Veeva presenters, Agenda presentation (Brooke Casselberry)
2. NNIT presents top current PV priorities/trends (Mark Loudon)
3. Veeva presents current solutions for the PV landscape (addressing the top priorities above) (Jen Markey)
4. Best practices adopting and implementing Veeva Vault Safety (Jesper Borgstrøm)
5. Q&A


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