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Get Ready for IDMP: Improve Your Data Quality Using Standardized Intelligent Processes

6 April 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM CET

Join our webinar on April 6

The journey towards becoming IDMP compliant can be significantly accelerated by increasing Data Quality. Generally, Data Quality has a major impact on effectiveness within the Life Science industry, due to a heavily regulated market. This Webinar will address IDMP compliance from a Data Quality perspective.

Currently, many companies are embarking on the IDMP journey and are finding themselves dealing with poor data quality, causing problems, living up to the IDMP requirements, while spending countless hours investigating data to close the gaps.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how NNIT can help you increase data quality through data profiling and data enhancement, and how this can kick-start a potential data migration journey. 


  • The importance of Data Quality and IDMP
  • Intelligent Data Quality: The three phases
  • IDMP Case Examples 



Sille Lie Barrett, Consultant, Life Sciences

Stefan Peev, Advisory Consultant, Life Scienses