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NNIT’s proven track record within Drug Safety

As the only business implementation partner within the Veeva Vault Safety Suite, NNIT’s proven track record with Veeva and the collaborative, tried, tested and true approach of the Veeva Powerhouse and Veeva Core offerings cement the tremendous value that NNIT brings to your pharmacovigilance business.

Capabilities range from advising on your roadmap to planning and executing your journey. As an example of this, NNIT is supporting AstraZeneca and leveraging its expertise in global pharmacovigilance systems to meet the challenges of patient safety during the current global COVID-19 pandemic. NNIT’s leadership of this global federated project, includes coordination and holistic management of the AstraZeneca vaccine efforts, as well as tracking and oversight of the COVID-19 vaccine’s pharmacovigilance post-marketing events.

NNIT, a trusted partner of AstraZeneca’s since 2014, will be implementing the critical COVID-19 vaccine post-marketing safety data system.

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For the Veeva Core services and companies on E2B(R3) journey before Q2 2022,

NNIT has developed specific tools to enhance your move to the Veeva Safety Vault, including the transformation engine SafeIT that ensures high quality of your data when migrated to your new Veeva Safety Vault. SafeIT ensures complete compliance with E2B(R3) out of the box transforming your E2B(R2) data to E2B(R3) and further enhances all the generated data and metadata with complete transparency.

You have complex customized data? No problem, we ensure compliance with your customizations and R3 - from extraction of your current data to user acceptance tests in the end, which will result in a simpler safety data management going forward. Benefits include unification of your data even from multiple safety sources and complete compliance with your new Veeva Vault Safety Database platform that is built on E2B(R3) from the ground up.

Read the full EMA article here. (Mandatory use of international standard for the reporting of side effects to improve safety of medicines, 15/01/2020)

NNIT has hosted, maintained, updated, changed, unified, integrated, validated and delivered professional services for Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance systems for 20+ years, with experts well versed within all walks of the PV industry. NNIT is partnering with vendors from the smallest to the biggest companies, and the same goes for the pharma companies that have found value in the expertise, overview and the business implementation oversight that NNIT delivers.