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Webinar recording

How regulatory should lead the transformation from document to data

NNIT, together with Accumulus and Roche, are pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar on how you can prepare yourself for the transformation from a document-paradigm to a data-based one.

The future of Regulatory Affairs is predicted to be more convergent, collaborative, and technology-enabled; this includes global information exchange platforms established in partnership with regional and global health authorities.

Internally, data exchanged from bench to development to commercial, is the connective tissue and source of differentiation across the industry. Regulatory Affairs has a unique role as an integrator of that data and is responsible for the coherent sharing of information.

In this webinar, NNIT, Accumulus and Roche will describe how the paradigm shifts in different regions, with special attention to the current regulatory changes that contribute to it and demand new ways of working across the ecosystem incl. sponsors, patients, HCPs, industry partners, and health authorities.

The webinar will cover:

  • An outline of the key capabilities sponsors must build to achieve and maintain a well-organized state of data
  • How a successful RIM implementation is dependent on a solid data governance framework
  • Walk-through of how Roche successfully implemented a RIM system with a sound data foundation in place



Bill Gibson, CTO, Accumulus Synergy
Vanni Carapetian, Regulatory Data Lead, Roche
Samuel Thompson, Managing Consultant, NNIT

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