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At NNIT, life sciences run in our DNA.

The IT and consultancy company was established in 1994, but our roots in the pharmaceutical industry go much further back. Today, the NNIT Group employ more than 3,000 people working in a culture built on the virtues of one of the world's most regulated industries.

NNIT is headquartered in Denmark and holds companies and subsidiaries throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Our offerings encompass all key life sciences disciplines – and we continue to build our position as leading life sciences digital specialists.

Servicing every part of your value chain

With NNIT, you get access to specialized and standardized IT solutions and consultancy services for all key parts of the life sciences value chain. Choose your area below:

Leading life sciences digital specialists

Partner up with a second-to-none team of subject-matter experts and technology consultants. At NNIT, we help you develop, implement, and continuously improve sustainable solutions – to empower those who change lives. Our services are:

NNIT’s Business Advisory and Consulting services provide expert guidance and tailored strategies to help organizations navigate complex business challenges, streamline businesses, and achieve sustainable growth. Leveraging our extensive domain expertise, we deliver actionable insights and customized solutions to drive innovation, efficiency, and success across the life sciences value chain.

NNIT’s Implementation services are founded in an agile project and program management infrastructure that supports milestone tracking while efficiently delivering quantifiable results. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with clients, providing end-to-end support to maximize the value of your investment in digital solutions and ensure business results.

NNIT’s Integration services facilitate the smooth, secure, and efficient connection of your systems, processes, and data in both on-premise and SaaS environments. We specialize in bridging gaps between disparate technologies to create a cohesive and streamlined IT ecosystem, enabling seamless collaboration and data exchange.

NNIT’s Migration services provide a comprehensive, risk-mitigated approach to transferring data, applications, and systems from legacy environments to modern, scalable platforms. We offer automated technologies as well as strategic planning, execution, and support to ensure a smooth transition that minimizes downtime, preserves data integrity, and maximizes your return on investment.

NNIT’s Validation services focus on ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and compliance of your systems, applications, and data. We perform testing and validation in an agile manner, fit for a modern world with multiple releases. This ensures that your solutions meet regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices to foster trust and confidence in your business systems and data.

NNIT’s Continuous Improvement services offer a proactive approach to identifying, analyzing, and optimizing your business processes and technology solutions. We utilize data-driven methodologies and industry best practices to drive ongoing enhancements, maximize efficiency, and support long-term success.

NNIT's OCM services generally consist of three critical focus areas: Change Analysis, Communications & Engagement, and Training. Combining these seamlessly is the key to successfully achieving the change or evolution your organization needs and wants. We have deep experience and unique strategies and tools in all three areas.

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  • 2022 - acquisition of prime4services
  • 2021 - acquisition of SL Controls
  • 2020 - acquisition of Excellis Health Solutions
  • 2019 - acquisition of Halfmann Goetsch Partners
  • 2018 - acquisition of Valiance Partners

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