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NNIT Veeva Integration

Solid integrations lay the foundation for effective business processes

The right integrations are essential for realizing the full potential of your Veeva Vaults.

NNIT can advise and implement Veeva Vault integrations that foster better cooperation, lead to more efficient business processes and allow real-time data updates to enable BI analytics.  

Whether your organization has gone all-in on Veeva or is rolling out individual Veeva Vaults in a stepwise approach, you need to consider how to embed the Vaults in your IT landscape to reap the entire potential of your investment.

Integration is first and foremost a business issue

This goes beyond the technical integrations required to enable basic system functionality. Integrations between critical business applications such as the Clinical Suite and the Regulatory Suite can greatly improve your business processes and enable real-time transfer of data from clinical studies rather than having to rely on batch jobs.

A frequently cited motivation for choosing Veeva over other vendors is the desire for a unified platform that can eliminate silos in the organization and enable more effective business processes both internally and with external partners. But without the right integrations in place, Veeva Vault will not be as effective at tearing down these silos as you are hoping for.

Unfortunately, integrations are rarely top-of-mind in most organizations that have decided to implement Veeva Vaults. And while the task of performing the integrations themselves is mostly a technical issue, line-of-business stakeholders are well advised to pay close attention to integrations. Eliminating the silos requires someone who can think across traditional boundaries, both from a business and a technical point of view.

A common headache solved: matching data models

If your organization has gone all-in on Veeva, you usually require multiple Vault-to-Vault integrations as well as integrations to the rest of your IT landscape. And if you are rolling out Vaults one by one, you need to connect each of the Vaults to your legacy system as they are implemented.

A typical mistake is failing to plan for an overarching data model and rely on custom fields to fill the gaps. The more Vaults, the higher the complexity, and if your data models don't match, integrations become a nightmare for your business users.

This is why at NNIT we always recommend approaching integrations on the basis of a solid foundation of business advisory and strategic planning. There are numerous details to consider, and as a leading Veeva partner with extensive experience working with life sciences companies, NNIT is uniquely qualified to guide you.

NNIT Veeva Integration Services

As a leading Veeva Partner, NNIT can assist you with every aspect of Veeva Vaults integration.

  • Advisory: Get both technical and business advisory based on your unique business goals and pains. Our advisory goes beyond integrations and adopts a broad perspective of your processes and IT landscape.
  • Platform selection: Based on our analysis of your situation and IT landscape, NNIT recommends the integration platform that best meets your needs.
  • Integration roll-out: We ensure that all planned integrations are properly executed in appropriate stages and align with security and other vital systems.
  • Post-go-live operations: Veeva is a constantly evolving platform, so it is important to monitor integrations between releases and make sure that everything keeps working as intended. Changes to business processes, technical configurations or third-party systems can also be a driver for updates or additional integrations.


Ready to connect everything with first-rate integrations?  So are we!

Want to create the best possible foundation for working with Veeva Vaults as a unified platform? We are ready to assist and advise you, so you can establish the right integrations for optimizing your business processes, improving cooperation and providing a real-time overview of all your critical data.

So, get in touch now and let us get your Veeva platform fully integrated.