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NNIT Veeva Implementation

Make Veeva Vault implementation a smooth transition

Without qualified guidance and planning, implementing Veeva Vault can be a long and complicated process.

As a leading Veeva implementation partner, NNIT can provide end-to-end implementation based on a well-proven framework and a dedicated expert team.

Getting ready for go-live is the first big step for any life sciences organization that wants to implement Veeva Vault. And while a successful migration is only the beginning of your Veeva journey, it is a critical prerequisite for using Veeva Vault to improve your business.   

Prepare your data for migration

Merging multiple systems into one requires considerable effort and planning. Legacy data sources must be reviewed to ensure that the right data is migrated in the right way. You have to avoid bringing irrelevant or corrupted data into your new platform. Ideally, the migration process will set you on the right path to more efficient business processes and analytics.   

At NNIT, we can help you get everything migrated properly and improve your data quality in the process.

Stay ahead of test and validation

When implementing the Veeva Vault platform, you have to adjust your test and validation procedures to match the frequent releases from Veeva. Otherwise, you run the risk of innovation stress, where new features and updates are viewed as stress factors rather than opportunities.

With our assistance, you can adopt a slim and agile concept which lets you manage testing and validation and keeps you compliant with far less effort than before. 

Avoid overlooking critical details

There is a multitude of critical details to keep track of when implementing Veeva Vault. And without guidance and advisory from an experienced Veeva partner like NNIT, knowing how to prioritize can be difficult.  

For example, integrations tend to get overlooked unless they are critical for key business processes. We make sure your IAM, analytics, data lake, ERP and other essential systems are neatly integrated with Veeva, ensuring seamless execution of business processes.

NNIT – Europe’s largest Veeva implementation partner

NNIT is a Veeva Premiere Services Partner within development cloud and Europe’s largest Veeva implementation partner. Independent parties such as Gens & Associates and Everest Group recognize is as a leading Veeva service provider.

With more than 250 experienced Veeva life sciences consultants and 450 completed Veeva projects, we possess the technical expertise, industry knowledge, business insights and real-life experience needed to ensure a smooth implementation of Veeva Vaults.

Do you want to ensure a smooth transition to Veeva Vaults?  We are ready to help!

Want to forge the best possible foundation for working with Veeva Vaults as a unified platform? We are ready to assist and advise you with your Veeva implementation.

So, get in touch now and let us help you implement Veeva Vaults.