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NNIT Veeva Application Services

Stay ahead with continuous improvements, business life cycle management and reliable support

A successful implementation cannot stand alone

After implementation NNIT can competently offer application services, allowing you to focus on other business activities.

NNIT Veeva Application Services benefits life sciences customers on their SaaS journey and help them to gain the full business benefits of a Veeva Vault suite on a continuous basis. The services are composed of 3 elements: Veeva Support, Continuous Improvement and Business Life Cycle Management.

This consists of a classic support and operations team of technical consultants, primarily focusing on end users. The aim is to ensure continuous support and provide constant quality, stability and up-time in a Veeva application and service landscape. The team supports Incident & Service Management.


Veeva releases provide opportunities for business improvement. The Continuous Improvement team focuses on providing incremental innovation as a service. This means that the team can help in areas such as: fixing bugs, introducing new functionality, creating new data objects, and workflows. The team supports:


  • Build & Test + Release Management


  • Backlog Management



The IT landscape in life sciences companies requires a thorough understanding of the business and a holistic approach to cope with complexity in an integrated enterprise. Our business advisory services set the direction and pace of development, provide support, and ensure governance of a Veeva platform. Veeva advisors utilize their knowledge and capacity in the Support and Development team to deliver an application roadmap and provide general advisory services.


Veeva Application Services Capacity

When you combine all these services, you get a team with the capacity to:

Operate a Veeva application and interfaces with a focus on quality and stability
Manage, build and deploy incremental improvements to applications/interfaces
Orchestrate the application in a business context and enterprise IT landscape
The team delivers all these services via skills spanning from detailed technical knowledge to deep functional expertise. This will fulfill the need for diverse support for: Application/Platform Orchestrator, Business Analyst, Technical Consultant, ITIL Service Manager, Life Sciences SME and Release, Interface & Application Architect.


  • Enable your business to seize and use new features from Veeva releases
  • Vault and Interface validation is handled by NNIT relieving time and pressure from your organization (3 mandatory releases to stay validated in short time)
  • Varied support and advisory competencies available to aid your Veeva adoption
  • Support meeting global availability demands in a standard service model
  • Value adding advisory setting clear direction for your application landscape
  • Our customers benefit from NNIT’s highly skilled and end-to-end focused support and development team, who help to ensure the success of the Veeva application in the customer environment.