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How to manage increasingly complex production

The Pharma Factory of the Future is Fully Integrated

It is a factory with fully digitized and integrated process and control equipment across all areas of operation.

The benefits are numerous: Faster batch changeovers, product and process optimization, increased traceability, improved maintenance, and the ability to create and add value-adding digital services.

In the future pharma production, it will be essential to manage increasingly complex production processes and manufacturing micro-batches tailored to smaller and more specific therapies and patient groups.

The enabler is a connected factory, where data and information can flow freely both within the production site and externally.

This whitepaper shows you

  • Challenges and the potential benefits of an integrated factory
  • Best practices and solutions for making it happen
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls

Discover how you can achieve the full integration within your company and production site smoothly and seamlessly.

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