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Speeding up MES projects with joint forces

Lonza and NNIT partner to speed up MES projects

By combining Lonza’s MODA™ Platform with NNIT’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology, pharma companies can speed up MES projects and get a complete pharma 4.0 solution to achieve their digitalization vision faster than ever.

Across the life sciences industry, pharma companies are seeking new ways to respond to the high agility required to produce complex products like personalized cancer treatment, cell and gene therapy and Covid-19 vaccines. Central to these efforts is the manufacturing execution system (MES), which allows pharma companies to adopt pharma 4.0 production and manage their data flows to expedite product release.

Now, Lonza Bioscience Informatics and NNIT have announced a cooperation to solve the familiar industry pain-point of time-consuming and costly MES implementation.

Pharmaceutical production requires a flexible MES solution that can be implemented fast without the need for customization – this is where Lonza’s MODA™ Platform and NNIT’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology fit very well together.

A proven partnership

The MODA™ Platform is a comprehensive MES solution combining manufacturing and laboratory data into a single source. Leveraging Lonza’s expertise in manufacturing and quality, the solution enables organizations to achieve paperless execution and remove manual, error prone workflows.

Lonza and NNIT have proven their ability to work together as one team at various MES implementation projects. The partnership adds an important solution to master digitization of cell & gene therapy manufacturing.

Dr. Orla Cloak, Global Director of Testing Solutions and Informatics, Lonza, confirms “Lonza Bioscience Informatics is proud to partner with NNIT to bring a complete Pharma 4.0 solution to the life science industry.

Our collaboration combines our flexible and scalable MODA™ platform with NNIT’s deep domain expertise and Accelerated Implementation Methodology to deliver a truly best-in-class experience for our GMP manufacturing customers”

Speeding up time-to release

The partnership is intended to meet the demand in the life sciences industry for faster time-to-release and digitalization of pharma production and supply chain. Pharma companies are looking to optimize their production, with a focus on integration and automation. This requires easy transfer of data from systems and devices, so organizations can make more informed decisions and track key metrics across their manufacturing and QC processes.

– Time-to-release for delivering critical medicines, therapies and vaccines has taken on more importance than ever before, and our solution provides unique technology and resources that empower our customers to meet this challenge, says Dr. Orla Cloak.

A powerful combination

The key to the effective cooperation is a flexible MES solution that can be implemented fast without customization. The MODA™ platform has modular design to enable faster implementation and validation and avoid rework for commonly used processes. This approach aligns well with NNIT’s Accelerated Implementation Methodology, which draws upon well-established industry models like MESA, ISA-95 and TOGAF.

Thomas Halfmann, Global Head Production & Laboratory at NNIT states “Both companies are offering the right solutions for this approach – Lonza with their MODA™ Platform specialized for personalized medicine and NNIT with our MES Accelerated Implementation Methodology.

This powerful combination has been tried and tested in numerous projects, where the digital transformation was brought to life in pharmaceutical production.”