NNIT Ourbusiness (14)

Subsidiaries and Group companies in Europe, North America and Asia

The NNIT Group

The NNIT Group is headquartered in Denmark and has companies and subsidiaries throughout Europe, North America and Asia. 

Group Companies are:

  • SCALES Group (acquired 2017)
  • Valiance (acquired 2018)
  • Excellis Health Solutions (acquired 2020)
  • SL Controls (acquired 2021)


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Through the acquisition of SCALES, NNIT caters for the entire ERP value chain, from outsourcing through application management, implementation, operation and further development of our customers’ ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Read more about the collaboration between SCALES and NNIT or visit scales-group.com for more information about their Microsoft Dynamics365 solutions.

Valiance Partners, headquartered in New Jersey close to NNIT’s US office, is recognized and referenced as one of the strongest providers of migration services for the rapidly growing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms to primarily pharmaceutical companies. Valiance strengthens our growth potential as a global IT provider to the international life sciences industry.

Read more about the collaboration between Valiance and NNIT or visit valiancepartnerts.com for more information about their data migration solutions.

Excellis strengthens NNIT’s customer portfolio across the global pharma and biotech industries and enhances the Group’s ability to provide end-to-end life sciences IT services to all customers.

Learn more at excellishealth.com

SL Controls strengthens NNIT’s solutions within Production IT and is yet another step towards consolidating the NNIT Group as one of the foremost suppliers of IT services to the global life sciences industry.

Learn more at SL Controls.com