Unified Clinical Operations

Clinical operations continue to increase in complexity. Evolving regional regulations, increasing partnerships and collaborations, and multi-site trials complicate the simplest tasks. Operations based on outdated systems and siloed data structure significantly hinder efficiency and increase risk of non-compliance.

Multi-tenant cloud technologies enable efficient operations while maintaining oversight with broader views of data from across units. The key to success is governing the transition, defining the roadmap for transformation, and securing its long-term success.

During the webinar the presenters offers insight into:

• The key benefits of moving to a unified clinical platform
• Assessing current state of operations and planning for efficient adoption
• Successfully addressing potential internal resistance to change


  • Franciska Darmer, Global Head of Clinical, NNIT
  • Michael Agard, Team Leader Clinical Consulting, NNIT
  • Ida Sigil Wichmann, Clinical Advisory Consultant, NNIT