Realizing the Potential of PV and Drug Safety as a Life Sciences Business Accelerator

While the Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety department has for many years been seen as a cost center in life sciences organizations, these departments hold vital data that can and should be utilized across the company.

By utilizing the latest advancement in digital tools, it is possible to both optimize the tasks in the drug safety department, while leveraging the wealth of knowledge to be shared and utilized across the rest of the organization. The result is empowering the business to work smarter and stay efficient, though the workload increases exponentially.

The webinar covers:

  • Current state of the drug safety landscape and focus areas for optimization
  • Data governance and integration - the tedious work that is vital in order to unlock the opportunities for optimization in next generation drug safety tools
  • Automation and artifical intelligence - shift your focus to important tasks and essential decisions, and implement predictive analysis to support critical decisions earlier in the process


  • Jesper Borgstrøm, Advanced Advisory Consultant, Drug Safety, NNIT