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Conference | 21-22 September | Berlin, Germany

Pharma MES Europe

18-19 May, 2022

The Pharma Factory of the Future

The leading Pharma MES event brings together more than 150 top MES, manufacturing IT, and operations experts from the biopharma industry. Join us and discuss MES implementation, paperless manufacturing, and operational intelligence with your peers.

The co-located Pharma TechOps is the event for technical operations in GMP-regulated pharma & biotech. Learn what the road to next level technical operations & reliability can look like.

NNIT's focus on the conferences:

The Pharma Factory of the Future

Join our sessions and learn what how you can achieve digitalization and full integration in all aspects.

September, 21st at 12:00 - 12:30 PM at Pharma MES

1. Case Study: The Road to the Factory of the Future and the Role of MES

IDT Biologika, a leading biologics CDMO, identified the value of providing data to customers and consequently embarked on a comprehensive digitalization strategy and roadmap. An essential element of this strategy is the implementation of an MES solution for all manufacturing processes. 

This presentation covers:

- the specific production challenges of CDMOs 
- the digitalization roadmap of IDT Biologika & the importance of MES
- the accelerated implementation of an MES solution at IDT Biologika’s site in Germany 

Dr. Martin Wesseling, IDT Biologika GmbH, Director Technical Operations - Head MES/EBR
Nils Jonescheit, NNIT, Principal Consultant Life Sciences

September, 21st at 3:30 - 4:00 PM at TechOps

2. Case Study: Digital Transformation in Novo Nordisk Clinical Supplies

Novo Nordisk's solution for MES did not fit for Clinical - neither commercial MES systems nor the corporate MES template were able to fulfill the specific business requirements for secondary packaging and shipping. Novo Nordisk decided to face the challenge by choosing a flexible MES and form an agile team that could continuously align requirements and solution.

Ronnie Kristensen, Novo Nordisk, Product Manager
Carsten Holm Pedersen, NNIT, Advisory Consultant Life Sciences

September, 22nd between 11:30 & 15:30 PM at TechOps

3. World Café breakout session: The Pharma Factory of the Future is fully integrated

The Smart Factory is essential for managing increasingly complex production processes. The enabler is a connected factory, where data and information can flow freely within the production site and externally. 

In this session, we will discuss the topics

- What are the benefits of a fully integrated factory?
- How do we achieve full supply chain integration?
- Data is the new gold – How can we get access to production data and get the best out of them?

Yasmine Peters, Prime4Services, an NNIT group company, Managing Director

Paul Clarke, SL Controls, an NNIT group company, CTO

Frederic Menardo, Excellis Health Solutions, an NNIT group company, VP Europe

Chairman Thomas Halfmann (NNIT, AVP, Global Head Production & Lab) will guide you through 2 exciting days of learning, networking and sharing experiences.

Celebrate with us at the NNIT booth

At the end of day one, join us at the NNIT booth (#2) for a drinks reception and toast with us the enhancement of our service capacities and MES thoughtleadership through the acquisition of Prime4Services. 

For further information and the full agenda, check out the Pharma MES and Pharma TechOps websites.