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Online Conference

Pharma MES Asia 2020

20-21 July | Online

Pharma MES Asia 2020

From Digitalization to Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, the journey has just begun!

Pharma MES Asia 2020 will be back for the third time already. You can look forward to 2 days of networking & knowledge exchange with 150+ MES, automation, quality and validation experts from pharma and biotech.

Virtual Workshops are packed with information and real-world experience to define how MES can change your business.

NNIT are supporting this event with two premium MES experts Thomas Halfmann, Global Head of Production IT, holding a presentation and Ming Chua, General Manager NNIT Asia, leading through the two days as a chairman.

Listen in to our presentation on July 20, 1:30 PM (SGP time) / 7:30 AM (CET)

Accelerating MES Implementation Projects and Programs

Due to the high integration of MES with IT and OT systems and its impact on manufacturing processes and organization, implementing of MES is usually a complex, resource demanding project. This applies regardless if it is an implementation at an existing site or a brand new site. This presentation will provide an introduction to an innovative and comprehensive methodology, how MES systems can be implemented in less time and with less effort and risk.

Key aspects that will be discussed in this presentation are:

  • How do we know that a manufacturing site is ready for MES?
  • How much do we need to standardize?
  • How to select the right MES solution
  • How do we manage the organizational change?

It would be a pleasure e-meeting you there and then.