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30 September 2021

NNIT Veeva 2021 Symposium

30 September at 13 - 17:00 PM (CEST)

NNIT Veeva 2021 Symposium

Connects the life sciences industry to share knowledge 

This fall, NNIT will gather R&D and Quality experts for a Symposium to engage the life sciences community. The event will cover many relevant topics like how to strategize your digital transformation of R&D, how to ensure continuous improvement after Veeva implementations, and how artificial intelligence and machine learning can ensure higher data quality.

We will also deep-dive into R&D and Quality in separate tracks, and you will choose which to join based on your interests. These sessions will allow for closer dialogue with industry peers and our experts within R&D and Quality. The tracks will respectively focus on IDMP for Regulatory Affairs, the roadmap to Vault Safety, how to tackle a multitenant cloud CDMS for Clinical, and latest learnings and best practices for Quality implementations.

Join to connect with your peers and our experts for interesting discussions and new insights from NNIT and Veeva.

Please note that this event is reserved for participants from the pharmaceutical industry.

Save the Date: NNIT Veeva 2021 Symposium
30th September, 13:00 CET

With the rapid evolution of technology, organizations are adapting to system updates every few months rather than every few yours. Join this panel to hear how UCB, NNIT and others are tackling change management to optimize business outcomes.


13:00 (CET) Welcome by Rune Bergendorff

Keynote Presentations:

- Transforming R&D & Quality through Digital Transformation Strategies
   by Niels Buch Leander (NNIT), Brooke Casselberry (NNIT), Franciska Darmer (NNIT)

- Simplifying the core elements of an implementation:
  Core validation supported by automated testing - Live demo of PQ execution

Breakout Sessions:

  1. RIM track
    Becoming IDMP compliant – How get RA ready and how Vault RIM plays in (Ipsen)
    Moderator: Niels Buch Leander (NNIT)

  2. Safety track:
    Moving to Vault Safety. Benefits and roadmap to get there (Astra Zeneca customer case)
    Moderators: Mark Loudon & Brooke Casselberry (NNIT US)

  3. Clinical track:
    From the known to the unknown – The benefits and challenges of multitenant cloud CDMS based on practical examples (utilizing GSK, Eli Lilly)
    Moderator: Franciska Darmer (NNIT)

  4. Quality track: QMS implementations
    Moderator: Raymond McKinney (NNIT US)

Panel Discussion / Joint session:

  1. Customer panel discussion: How do you enable continuous improvement?
    Participants: Customers from the pharmaceutical industry

  2. Getting data right: Generating meta data based on natural language processing and ensuring data quality by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning
    Speaker: Nikolaj Marsk Andersen (NNIT)

  3. Enabling processes: Supporting business processes with meaningful integrations across Vaults
    Speaker: Nikolaj Marsk Andersen (NNIT), Franciska Darmer (NNIT)

  4. How does the development of Cloud transform the life sciences industry?
    Speaker: Rik van Mol (Veeva)


17:00 (CET) End of Symposium


NNIT is Veeva Premiere business partner.

We were nominated "Leader" in Everest Group's “Veeva Service Providers PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021

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