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About NNIT Switzerland

Our Swiss office is placed in one of Europe’s largest pharma hubs.

The office is the spearhead of our services to international pharmaceutical companies, manned with some of Europe’s most experienced consultants within pharmaceutical IT solutions.

Whether it is the incremental improvements or the radical re-thinking of IT technology required to achieve advantage, innovation matters. And at NNIT Switzerland we are here to help you innovate through technology.

We are well-known for our ability to bring inspiration and vision to life and to work with both IT and business groups to help them connect and transform data into valuable information.

We attract people who are wired to make a mark and improve business and society through technology. We are not just service providers and advisors; we are project managers, scientists, engineers, digital and data experts. We work in lab environments, clinical operations, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and supply chain and on system validation across the value chain. It is in this diverse mix, where we bring people and technology together, ideas are created, nurtured and delivered and the future of our life sciences clients is refined.

The office was established in 2003.

Find us here:

NNIT Switzerland AG
Spaces, Grosspeter Tower
Grosspeteranlage 29
4052 Basel

Tel: +41 61 544 00 00