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Robotics can strengthen your compliance processes

For many companies, compliance demands a great deal of resources.

NNIT can help you optimize compliance processes using Robotics, which allows you to make better use of your company resources. 

Companies need to continuously test and validate both processes and IT systems to comply with current legislation such as data handling. The compliance effort can be complex, and in periods it may demand a lot of internal resources. This means that the need for scalability is large, which poses a challenge for companies as resource needs are constantly in a state of evaluation. For this reason, compliance can easily become a complicated and expensive affair.

With NNIT's Compliance as a Service Solution (CaaS), companies can outsource some IT areas of responsibility to NNIT.

– Together with the customer, we created a description of how we can standardize, optimize and solve processes within IT and compliance. In concrete terms, we take over some of the company's internal compliance-related roles – such as testing and validation resources, ITQC or ITQA.

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Simple tasks are robot-friendly

With CaaS tasks, Robotics can help to optimize and support processes. Initially, NNIT analyzes the company's processes with a view to standardizing and describing them, after which the processes can be automated with a Robotics tool.

– Manual compliance processes can often be easily automated with Robotics. This, for example, could be a change to a system that needs registering, the creation of a system baseline, a system regression test, or the review of a document to check whether the correct template has been used. These kinds of formalities and standardized processes can be easily be performed by a robot. This allows the company to make a more qualitative use of the resources previously carried out manually.

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All-round responsibility

Within the area of compliance, there are processes that can be so complex that the company needs to deal with the issues straight away. In such cases, the company can be allocated an on-site consultant from NNIT to act as a single point of contact for the company. The consultant draws on NNIT's offshore resources as needed. This could be, for example, if a there is a sudden short term need for the large-scale testing of IT systems.

– Not only do we take over responsibility for the company's compliance tasks, but we also make it as cost-effective as possible. This applies to the use of both on-site and offshore resources, as well as in our evaluation and analysis of robotics-optimization potential in compliance processes.

IT experts that know about requirements and robots

NNIT's approach to CaaS and robotics is life science-based, but since compliance in the area of IT is relevant to virtually all companies, NNIT is a highly skilled outsourcing partner for all industries.

– The cornerstone of our work with IT and compliance is the knowledge of the requirements that companies need to live up to, as well as an understanding of which IT and business processes to support. We are IT experts, but we also understand the regulatory requirements and the opportunities for using robotics. This is especially true within life science, but the complexity of the processes can in many cases be transferred to other industries.

Compliance as a Service and Robotics from NNIT:

  • Optimize your company resources by outsourcing responsibility for compliance processes to NNIT.
  • Using robotics, manual compliance processes can be automated and optimized so you can use your company's resources more qualitatively.
  • NNIT's consultants have strong life science insight together with a deep knowledge of requirements, and a thorough understanding of business processes.
  • NNIT can provide you with a cost-effective solution using on-site and offshore consultants.
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