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Migration Services

Our migration experts bring an unparalleled knowledge of regulations, business processes, and precision to every migration challenge.

Strategic Services

Our strategic services help life sciences companies navigate complex scenarios around mergers & acquisitions, consolidations, and divestitures. These include Strategic Planning, Establishing a Center of Excellence for Migrations, and Divestiture Process Management. 

Data Quality Services

Data suitability and migration readiness are important factors in the success of a migration project. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NPL), and machine learning (ML) to support Source Profiling and Data Quality Assessment as well as Document Attribute Search and analysis.

Project-Based Migration Services

NNIT’s industry experts lead the management and execution of migration and migration testing projects with complete project management, technical leadership, and analytical support.

Training and Maintenance

Our customized training and maintenance support programs ensure that our migration technology clients get the most from their investment.

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