Moving to Dynamics 365 and beyond

Support, maintain and develop your Dynamics AX or D365 setup with NNIT and SCALES as your guide – every step of the way

Keeping up with the ever-changing business requirements in most industries today demands an agile and powerful platform that is easily adaptable. This is exactly what is offered within the integrated business capabilities of MS Dynamics 365. And also exactly why we chose to acquire SCALES and thereby expand our competencies to better match current needs.

Your business has to be more connected, more empowered, and more proactive than ever before. In a word, you need to be dynamic. MS Dynamics 365 already enables enterprises worldwide of all sizes to be dynamic. Now it's your turn.

The ability to adapt to new business processes as well as the flexibility to scale the ERP solution that must support such changes are some of the core capabilities of MS Dynamics 365. The acquisition of SCALES combined with our SAP capabilities, makes NNIT a leading provider of wall-to-wall ERP services – currently unrivalled in Denmark.

Add to that unique, tailored infrastructure outsourcing and application outsourcing – and get the full package when working with NNIT. Having one provider of these services also ensures smooth processes - which save you time and trouble.

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The road to Dynamics 365

If you want to transition to D365, NNIT and SCALES offer a comprehensive service that takes a holistic approach and includes Project, Application Maintenance services and Advisory.

With multiple awards such as Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year, SCALES ensure your implementation of Dynamics 365 runs smoothly using an agile and cost-effective approach. Our team is experienced in local or global roll-out with multiple international stakeholders and management of the transition from a legacy application landscape to D365 FO and/or CE. Using our unique project and analysis methodologies, we have successfully served 65+ Dynamics clients in over 40 countries.

Being born from the pharma industry, NNIT is renowned for its quality and maturity as a strategic outsourcing partner. A strong and comprehensive Application Maintenance services setup is vital for the continued efficient operation of your Dynamics 365 solution. Once your transition is complete, we will continue to serve as your Single Point of Contact for all matters of support, maintenance and development of your application(s). This includes 24/7/365 support in 12 languages, 200+ Microsoft Dynamics specialists on-call, batch management, validation, automated testing and much more.

Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to adapt to new business processes as well as the flexibility to scale the ERP solution to support such changes. To help you achieve this potential, our dedicated IT transformation and business strategy specialists can provide strategic initiatives and analysis. This will highlight the full impact of your transition from a security, data management, regulatory or organizational change management perspective.

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When it comes to finding a Dynamics partner, you can't go wrong with the combined resources of NNIT and SCALES – an NNIT Group Company. NNIT is an international consultancy and operator in the development, implementation, validation and operation of IT, with a strong track record in the life sciences industry.

A NNIT solution guarantees expert advisory services and a high-quality, unique product – tailored to your needs, and with a high level of data security. And thanks to the NNIT Global Delivery Model, we can provide top-level service to clients anywhere in the world.

SCALES – an NNIT Group company – is the biggest Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) partners in the Nordics, and in the top 1% of Microsoft’s global partners. With our experience from 13 successful D365 projects, we are in no doubt that D365 provides the answer to the questions above. D365 is a platform that covers the whole business – including sales, marketing, HR, finance, BI, production and management. D365 is in fact both an ERP and a CRM with a cloud solution that makes it scalable, and supportive of the agile set-up necessary in today’s business climate. D365 transforms big data into insight and gives companies the opportunity to make the right decisions – and react to the market in real time.


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