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Getting started with AI Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & compliance are keys to secure scaling within Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

AI Ethics & Compliance is becoming increasingly important as more and more organizations are experimenting with or operationalizing AI. For this reason, many governing bodies, hereunder OECD and EU, are publishing best practices and guidelines for strengthening the governance surrounding AI. Furthermore, in Denmark, it is now a requirement for the largest Danish companies to account for their policies within AI ethics as part of The Danish Financials Statements Act.

Collaborate with a strong duo
NNIT & 2021.AI have joined forces to create an assessment, which helps organizations reach a higher maturity within AI Ethics & Compliance by focusing on best practices and recommendations by leading governing bodies as illustrated below. 

Why this constellation?
NNIT is one of Denmark's leading regulatory advisors with a strong track-record within EU GDPR and other regulatory areas. 2021.AI are leading industry experts within AI platforms with built-in AI Ethics & Compliance capabilities.

Together, NNIT & 2021.AI can help your organization take the next steps in strengthening your governance around AI initiatives.

Our combined approach
NNIT and 2021.AI have developed a method for assessing maturity of AI models and governance. Together with you, NNIT and 2021.AI offer to conduct an assessment with the with the goal of identifying initial gaps in relation to current best practices and guidelines around AI Ethics and Compliance. Based on the outcome the assessment, we offer our help in closing said gaps though a deep-dive analysis with the goal of designing the best fit governance model for your organization.

Let's start with an assessment meeting
NNIT and 2021.AI offer an assessment meeting, where we together take the temperature on your current maturity within AI Ethics and Compliance based on best practices. The outcome of the meeting is a report, which will highlight your maturity score within 6 defined themes.

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