Webinar recording

Accelerate your digital journey with low-code

The need for digitization has exploded in most companies and public authorities. Not only do we struggle to modernize our existing systems, but at the same time we also experience that the requirements and expectations for the applications that we build - and use on a daily basis - are in constant motion.

In this webinar NNIT will, together with OutSystems and Green Cargo, jointly walk through and discuss the use of low-code.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • What is low-code and where does it create value in the organization?
  • When is it relevant to consider low-code?
  • Introduction to the low-code platform OutSystems – presentation of selected use cases
  • How Green Cargo has used OutSystems to transform their business



Maria Katrine Rosengren, Manager, Customer Application Transformation, NNIT
Jesper Overgaard, Principal Solution Architect, NNIT
Jonas Rutström, Senior Partner Alliances Manager, OutSystems
Jonathan Hammander, Tech Lead, Green Cargo

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