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Interview series about Digital Resilience

Digitization has proven to be a useful safeguard against the upheavals of the past year. So how did companies fare during a year when society was put on standby for long periods of time? How can they prepare for similar situations? Through a series of interviews with selected digital leaders from some of Denmark's largest companies, you will be able to get a very close look.

Over the past year, our ability to adapt to the new reality in which we find ourselves has tested us all.

A reality in which a stable Internet connection has become a fundamental premise for being able to do our work. A reality in which online groceries and click & collect have long replaced the physical shopping experience. Not least, a reality in which we must try to keep the wheels of society turning, even though a new mutation may be lurking just around the corner, turning what we thought was the final sprint into a marathon.

If we go back a year and a half, growth, development, and transformation were some of the topics at the top of the companies' agenda. And they still are. Yet with the experiences we now have, it is first and foremost a matter of dusting off the contingency plans and finding out how in 2021 the organization can succeed in creating growth, given these completely new and unprecedented conditions.

Concepts such as agility, cloud and automation have never been more important, but there is a big difference in how far the individual company has come in its digital journey towards increased resilience. One thing is for sure: Digitization has proven to be a useful safeguard against crises like the one we are facing right now.

Reports from the digital emergency services
Through a series of interviews with nine selected digital leaders from AP Pension, Arla, Coop, COWI, Danish Crown, Lundbeck, Norlys, Novozymes and SDC, we have gained a unique insight into how, with their digital preparedness, they have paved the way for increased resilience.


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