NNIT Expectation Barometer 2021

The safe voyage towards digital resilience in disruptive times

NNIT Expectation Barometer 2021

The final results from this year’s Expectation Barometer 2021 are ready. Download the report, dive into our key findings, and read our advice on how your business can build a robust digital defense.

The past year’s lockdown and social distancing efforts have been tiring and limiting. But they have also paved the way for a growing awareness surrounding digital opportunities for businesses. So, how well have companies been adapting to this new reality? This is the key question we answer in this year's Expectation Barometer 2021.

Digital resilience has never been more important
The past year has forced us to see the world in a new light, and many companies have found alternative ways to keep their business running under the volatile conditions imposed by COVID-19. Working from home and online meetings have become the new normal, and there is no doubt that increased digitization has become a necessary means for increasing digital resilience.

Insights from the digital defenses
This report summarizes the key findings from the NNIT Expectation Barometer survey. We rely on three sets of data: the answers provided by more than 450 survey participants, knowledge from NNIT’s subject matter experts, and in-depth interviews with selected digital leaders from AP Pension, Arla, Coop, COWI, Danish Crown, Lundbeck, Norlys, Novozymes, and SDC.

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