NNIT Expectation Barometer

Is your digital force prepared for a world in constant change?

NNIT Expectation Barometer 2021

The safe voyage towards digital resilience during disruptive times

At the moment, global crises and a continued increase in cybersecurity threats are forcing organizations to consider their digital resilience.

Perhaps you have experienced a short-term economic downturn in the industry within the past year? Disruptions or breakdowns in the supply chain? Or cautious customers who hold back on orders?

Regardless of your current situation, it is crucial to have a robust digital force. Through greater digital resilience, you will be able to make better, agile decisions and act on the opportunities as well as threats that continually arise in a world of constant change.

So - how resilient are you?

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  • Nine insight articles with digital executives in Arla, AP Pension, Coop, COWI, Danish Crown, Lundbeck, Norlys, Novozymes and SDC.


We will also send you the Expectation Barometer 2021 Report on The Resilient Company, once our survey is complete in August 2021. The report will be built upon all the insights generated in this survey – including your (anonymous) answers.