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Security and compliance - prerequisite for high accessibility is complete security

Availability is the key to delivering critical energy and utility services – and a prerequisite for high accessibility is complete security.

NNIT has deep industry insight into security requirements and rules and can provide end-to-end security solutions, from security assessments to operating your IT security. In doing so, we can help you prevent and mitigate the consequences of cyber-attacks and ensure a solid security foundation for your digital transformation journey.

Whether your security department is made up of one person or fifty, NNIT can help you fulfill all your security and compliance requirements and desires through services such as:

Security assessment – Identify your risk profile in relation to your desired level of security and close potential gaps.

CISO as a service – Get affiliated with a specialized a specialized chief information security officer (CISO) who can ensure that your level of security and governance is top-notch while maturing the security of your organization.

Cyber-defense services – Predict, prevent, detect, respond and restore. Combat security incidents assess your risks and reduce the likelihood of attacks with services such as Network Detect & Response (NDR), Endpoint Detect & Response (EDR), SIEM or Threat Intelligence.

Guidance on compliance – Guidance on how to ensure compliance with the industry regulations (e.g. BEK No. 820, NIS Directive, EU-GDPR, e-privacy).

Organization of Cloud security – Make sure you do not compromise on security during your digital transformation to Cloud.