Energy & Utilities

Digital transformation creates new opportunities for better customer experiences

A stronger, closer relationship with customers is high on the list of strategic goals of many utilities. It is no longer enough to just "deliver the goods" in the form of high reliability. Now the billing must be easy to see, questions must be answered at all times of the day, and problems must be solved before the customer notices them.

Digital transformation creates new opportunities for better customer experiences. It enables you to present customers with intuitive self-service solutions, predict their artificial intelligence (AI) needs and challenges, and gather all relevant data across the entire organization into one cloud-based platform.

Predict customer needs using AI and machine learning
AI and machine learning have tremendous potential to change customer service for the better. This could be by analyzing incoming emails to ensure that all necessary information is available. Or by making it easier for customers by automatically referring them to existing FAQs and service guides. There are many opportunities, and we help you identify the optimal starting point for your business.

While it may seem complicated to get started with AI, NNIT and our partners, Microsoft, SupWiz, UiPath, Leapwork and 2021.AI, are ready to help you. Together, we have developed a clear model to deliver concrete results based on a minimum of initial effort. We focus on identifying the areas with the greatest potential to benefit from AI and set up specific KPIs to measure the project's impact on your business.

Let us help you create the enhanced customer experience of the future.

Dynamics 365 CE
Having a complete overview of the customer's total commitment and customer journey is an important component of providing optimal customer service. This applies not least to the utilities created by mergers between smaller companies and consolidation in the industry. Here, customer data is all too often scattered across a range of older legacy systems that make it difficult to maintain the necessary overview.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience (D365 CE) is a powerful, cloud-based platform that collects all relevant data and makes it accessible to the entire business. There is serious synergy to be gained when combining the D365 with Microsoft 365 and Azure to seamlessly tie backend and frontend together.

At NNIT, we can ensure that your investment in D365 is fully utilized. We do this by acting as a credible facilitator between your needs as a energy and utility company and the huge range of D365 services and software components.