Energy & Utilities

Make the most of your data

Most utilities have mountains of valuable data, but adjustments to mindsets, procedures and tools are required to make the most of them.

The tools in the data science toolbox can be used to create more dynamic offers for customers and more efficient internal processes. But to get the full benefit of data science, it is necessary to professionalize your approach to it – and move on from the startup mindset that is often the starting point.

It requires an organizational process where the goal is not to lose momentum due to the important but time-consuming requirements of governance, compliance and operational stability. Among other things, this can be done by creating a framework and structure for implementing data science across the company.

That is why NNIT has developed a service called Scale Data Science in close collaboration with two of our customers. Scale Data Science is dedicated to addressing the key challenges that ambitious organizations face in their data science journey.

Together, we build multidisciplinary teams and a strong AI culture within your energy and utility business and tailor our battle-tested framework and platform to your preferences and needs.