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Structure and progress aid CRM project in Norlys

With the help of NNIT, Denmark's largest energy and telecommunications group has boosted a project that will support Norlys' strong customer agenda. Back on track and running at full speed, Norlys explains the road to a successful CRM project.

In 2020, the energy companies SE and Eniig merged. Among the many projects that featured high on the agenda was the development of a new CRM system. The project ran into several challenges along the way and was delayed numerous times. It was essential for Norlys to maintain a firm grip on the project, as the system played a crucial role in organizing and measuring the organization's commercial activities.

– It was vital for us to develop a system in which the organization's internal processes went hand-in-hand with our customer agenda. Here, the CRM system is an extremely important component that allows us to pursue an even stronger customer agenda, says Christian Ruhe, Director of Customers & Sales at Norlys.

Costs of the merger
Prior to the merger, the project had already been running in the Eniig organization for a year. The merger turned out to increase the complexity of the project, which is why NNIT was involved.

– When I came in, it was uncertain that we would manage to get the project ready by the planned launch date. A major challenge was figuring out whether it was feasible to migrate from the old 2013 CRM platform straight into Microsoft Dynamics 365 or whether SE's 2016 edition should be used as a necessary intermediate step, Christian Ruhe explains.

The CRM project quickly grew in complexity, and more hours and resources needed to be allocated. As a result, the project was partially rebooted on several occasions, and the original deadline was pushed back by six months. A new, agile workflow with sprints was implemented and the project was broken up into smaller chunks.

– After a minor overhaul, one project manager suggested getting an outside perspective on the project, and NNIT were invited in to give their professional opinion, says Christian Ruhe.

The final turning point
NNIT quickly gained an overview of the project, and after the first introductory meetings, they determined that the project faced considerable challenges and needed to be helped back on track.

– It was not a message I was happy to receive. The prospect of us having to make changes – again – to a project that had already been challenged seemed unmanageable. It was obvious that we could either throw in the towel or commit for the long haul. I am incredibly happy that we chose the latter, says Christian Ruhe.

NNIT carried out an analysis of the project and presented various scenarios in relation to the process, approach, and price. To deliver an operable and ready-to-use system from day one, the launch deadline consequently had to be further extended.

In collaboration with a project manager from Norlys, a project manager from NNIT created a new project plan based on the company's internal processes.

Back on track
Strong collaboration and NNIT's ability to work with the project in-depth, and establish a new structure, has resulted in the CRM project reaching its milestones and is set to be launched in early 2022.

Christian Ruhe believes that the reason is NNIT's unique approach:

– NNIT laid it all out, in the sense that they were able to give us a better technical understanding of the project’s state. With their professional expertise and pragmatic approach, it was easier for us to relate to what we were presented with, says Christian Ruhe and concludes:

– NNIT came in and, with our project manager, created the necessary structure and progress, and got the project back on track. The project is now progressing very well, and confidence around it has been improved. I feel incredibly secure about the project, the relationship with NNIT, and so do my colleagues. And confidence and trust are crucial for the work to bear fruit.