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Strengthen your position with custom security
As life sciences & healthcare companies become more patient-centric and exchange great amounts of sensitive data, staying secure is an increasingly complex task. This is why security and compliance that meet the standards of the industry are top priorities for a safe and sound digital transformation.

With NNIT as your partner you get a unique selection of services that meet your exact needs to stay secure and compliant to regulations. All the while remaining in total control of patient information and business applications – and more importantly, who can access them.

Implementation of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation
NNIT utilizes a Privacy Impact Evaluation Tool (PRIME), which maps the data flows, provides an overview of where the most sensitive information is located logically and physically. PRIME also documents how well your sensitive information is protected in processes and systems. The tool is tailored to the EU GDPR that enters into force in May 2018.

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Control your data and access
Rising technology adoption is leading to high levels of complexity. As a consequence, it is becoming harder to maintain control of data and access. NNIT can support you in the journey to establish the policies, processes and the right Identity & Access Management system, that will help you safely administrate and protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive information assets.

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NNIT Security Insights
NNIT Security Insights is a regular column where prominent NNIT IT security advisors share their thoughts on current and future IT security challenges and how to deal with them.

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