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Resource Team Manager

At NNIT, our passion on delivering high quality solutions means that we take applications support and maintenance quite seriously. We understand the risks and delays our customers face and the consequences when an incident happens or a release is not deployed as scheduled.

As the Resource Team Manager, you are in charge of ensuring that the right things get done at the right time and in the right way. You are expected to lead and manage the Applications Outsourcing team of developers on a day to day basis. You have 2 bosses: the Solutions Philippines Lead and the Applications Outsourcing Manager in Denmark.

You are responsible for the overall administration, monitoring, and development of all aspects of team capabilities. This includes the line management, resource allocations management, and a continuous development of capability within the team.

​Our everyday work is characterized by an open and direct atmosphere, and we put emphasis on creating a challenging yet fun working environment. We pay significant attention to job satisfaction, and personal and professional development. You will also be provided with the equipment to get things done such as a workstation with dual monitors, a DSL connection at home, and online technical libraries.

     The job entails:

  • Forecast work – review unassigned work and evaluate any unplanned work or tasks that have not been assigned.
  • Assign work – review upcoming and unassigned tasks to determine who is the best person to do such a task or assignment. Confirm that all responsible stakeholders are informed or updated prior to assigning the work.
  • Ensure the AO team delivers a professional, customer focused and high performing development and maintenance services.
  • Assist with the professional development of team members to enhance skills and promote cross-skilling.
  • Carry out effective and timely performance management of the AO team members in line with NNIT Philippines policies.
  • Provide support, coaching and mentoring to AO team members to ensure that all objectives and commitments are fulfilled in line with expectations, agreements and standards.
  • Maintain and improve application and software development and maintenance methods, standards, KPIs and SLAs across all supported applications and systems.
  • Ensure any quality management processes to the team's activities are implemented and followed.
  • Develop and maintain professional credible relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Recommend and assist with developing improvements around support processes, tools, standards and the overall performance and level of support provided by the AO team.
  • Continually review the services provided to end-users and customers to ensure it meets agreed service levels and all customers' requirements, through e.g. liaising with stakeholders, conducting customer satisfaction surveys and electronic monitoring.
  • On occasions act as Deputy to the Solutions Philippines lead on particular issues and provide support and cover where there are specific service pressures.
  • Develop, plan and implement a program of professional development in order to maintain growth in professional skills and knowledge.
  • Bring to the attention of managers any matters relating to the health and safety of the AO team.
  • Promote diversity and equality for the AO team and sustain an inclusive and supportive work environment in accordance with NNIT Philippines policies.
  • Undertake other such duties, at any location, as assigned by the Solutions Philippines lead or his/her representative.


      Minimum qualifications/education/training for the position  are:

  • Relevant Bachelor degree or higher.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar team leader or manager role.
  • Staffing/allocations experience in a global environment.
  • Demonstrate ongoing professional development.

    Background & experience requirements are:
  • Experience of leading, managing and coaching a high performing team in a day/mid-shift environment.
  • Experience of managing performance which fosters an environment that enables members of their team to perform at their best.

    Skills and competency requirements are:
  • The ability to deliver consistently professional, high quality work, even at a very detailed level in a fast paced environment.
  • Excellent team leader skills with the ability to drive, manage, motivate and developing a high performing customer focused team.
  • Experience in delegating and allocating tasks/work within a team.
  • Clear logical thinker with ability to think conceptually, demonstrating creativity and innovation.
  • A proven ability to plan, prioritise, manage, implement and track numerous concurrent activities to successful outcomes.
  • Results focused - keeping to schedules, delivering work on time and ensuring high quality deliveries.
  • Initiative to anticipate situations and problems; and the ability to advise on appropriate workarounds and solution/s.
  • The ability to gather, collate, analyse information effectively from a range of sources to present and offer knowledgeable workable solutions.
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills suitable for a diverse audience, with the ability to communicate in a positive, friendly and effective manner with 'technical' or 'non-technical' persons.




Seth ​​HR Consultant Leis