NNIT 10th Life Science Symposium 10th Life Science SymposiumOctober 25 | Suzhou, ChinaNNIT 10th Life Science Symposium will be held in Suzhou on October 25th, 2019. Under the theme of "Intelligence Compliance Innovation", the event will gather industry experts to exchange transformation insight and discuss comprehensive experiences in practical IT solutions for pharmaceutical businesses. As a specialized IT service provider for life science industry in China, NNIT makes the symposium to connect leaders of the industry and create a win-win future for digital transformation through comprehensive insights in Informatization development in the pharmaceutical industry. Experts from the domestic and international pharmaceutical sectors, NNIT headquarters, NNIT China, HGP (an NNIT Group Company), NNIT's customers and NNIT's partners make valuable presentations and lead discussions in terms of the trend of Pharma 4.0, challenges companies may face, and future strategies the pharmaceutical industry could follow. Although pharmaceutical companies have long set sail for the journey of transformation, their responsibilities remain heavy and there is still a long way to go. Under the premise of meeting high compliance requirements, it is imperative to improve production efficiency and industry competitiveness. The deeper integration of information technology and automation technology is the most basic element. Leveraging in new-generation of information technology to improve the business, find a suitable IT solution for the future development, realize the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry. We sincerely invite you to participate in the NNIT 10th Life Science Symposium, and look forward to your visit and guidance.
Webinar: Five Critical Aspects for Successful RIM Adoption Five Critical Aspects for Successful RIM AdoptionOctober 29, 2:00 p.m. London/3:00 p.m. Paris | Online Veeva and NNIT invite you to our webinar 'Five Critical Aspects for Successful RIM Adoption'. By implementing a unified RIM solution for submission management and product registrations, companies can realize a number of operational and strategic benefits for their regulatory organization. Some of these benefits may seem obvious, but others hinge on the right implementation approach, positive user acceptance, and organizational readiness. This webinar will focus on five key aspects to drive successful RIM adoption and maximize business benefits. These include Building a compelling business case for IT Managing data quality in Regulatory Affairs Focusing on governance and data exchange with stakeholders and authorities Adjusting the submission process to embrace organizational change Continually improving business processes after implementationSign up hereSpeakers are Paul Attridge, Senior Director, Vault RIM @Veeva Systems Anne Pouzet, Senior Regulatory Consultant @NNIT Niels Buch Leander, Ph.D., Consulting Director @NNIT
Webinar: Using Veeva Vault as an archive for your legacy systems Using Veeva Vault as an archive for your legacy systemsNovember 5, 3:00 p.m. CET/9:00 a.m. EST | Online Valiance - an NNIT Group Company invites for the webinar "Using Veeva Vault as an archive for your legacy systems." At this webinar we will discuss the potential use of Veeva Vault as an archive platform to enlighten life sciences companies who haven’t chosen an archive platform and are considering or already using Vault across many or all of the Veeva spaces (Clinical, Regulatory, Quality, Safety). Using Vault as an archive provides benefits for both employees and business, because viewing all legacy AND active data/content from the same Veeva interface gives a much better digital experience for the business users while maintaining all information control in Vault. Join our webinar to learn moreSign up here. Speakers Tom Witmer, Vice President – Business Development, Valiance – an NNIT Group Company Nagesh Sarma, Managing Director, Valiance – an NNIT Group Company
NNIT Cybersecurity Summit 2019 Cybersecurity Summit 2019November 7 | SøborgA Tangible Approach to Cybersecurity Getting your arms around the elephant – one bite at a time The role of cybersecurity in organizations is rapidly increasing and becoming a concern and focus point for not only the IT-security department but also in other units - and rightfully so. While cybersecurity has for a long time been viewed as a nuisance, its role as a value add to the organization is getting increasing attention. As the security challenges are increasing, organizations are still finding themselves in the difficult situation of getting their arms around the daunting security elephant. Therefore, in this seminar NNIT will present four tangible approaches to get inspiration from. The four presentations are each selected due to their fundamental role in common security setups. Get insight into the who, when and why of IAM – this is your license to operate The speed of application development puts security under pressure – how do you tackle the problem? If you do not have insight into what is hitting you – then you cannot react. Learn how to build a Detect and Respond strategy and how to implement it. SIGN UP HEREAGENDA​8.30-9.00​Breakfast and registration​​9.00-9.10​Welcome​Alice Leth Sørensen, Security Director, NNIT​9.10-9.40​Danish Council for Digital Security's work and insight into the government's initiatives​Anna Damholt, Sekretariatschef, Rådet for Digital Sikkerhed​9.40-10.25​Get Insight with Identity Governance and Administration​Kuno K. Larsen, IAM Subject Matter Expert, NNIT​10.25-11.00​Are Your Applications Ready to Go Live?​Thomas L. Erichsen, Principal IT Security Architect, NNIT​11.00-11.15​Coffee break​​11.15-12.00​Successful Detect and Respond Strategies to Mitigate Security Risks​Ebbe B. Petersen, Managing Consultant – Cybersecurity, NNIT​12.00-12.30​Detect and Respond – On Prem and in Cloud​Christian Dinesen, Senior Security Architect & Ethical Hacker, NNIT​12.30-12.40Wrap-up​Alice Leth Sørensen, Security Director, NNIT​12.40-13.30​Lunch and learn Try out NNIT's VR Cybersecurity Training​PRESENTATION DESCRIPTIONS Danish Council for Digital Security's work and insight into the government's initiatives Anna Damholt, Sekretariatschef, Rådet for Digital Sikkerhed Anna Damholt will give an overview of where cyber- and information security is included in the government's strategies. Anna will dive into the different competencies focused initiatives such as development of awareness material and education material in security for various types of public employees. Get Insight with Identity Governance and Administration Kuno K. Larsen, IAM Subject Matter Expert, NNIT Identity and Access Management can help the organization by giving the employee access to the organization's systems in an effective manner, while being secure and compliant. Along with GDPR, it has become even more critical to get the organization's data in place. But how does an IAM project start and is the business ready for the implementation? In the presentation NNIT will share experiences with implementation of IAM systems and the challenges that the project needs to be aware of. Are Your Applications Ready to Go Live? Thomas L. Erichsen, Principal IT Security Architect, NNIT There is an increasing pressure on organizations to deliver digital solutions faster and on new platforms. But are your development teams on top of security and privacy in the solutions that are developed? Or are unaddressed risks hidden? What does the your gut tell you - are you applications ready to go into production? This presentation goes through best-practice within application security and suggests how your organization can get started with a risk-based approach and prepare your applications for "ready to go live". Successful Detect and Respond Strategies to Mitigate Security Risks Ebbe B. Petersen, Managing Consultant – Cybersecurity, NNIT Performing continuous incident detection and response increases the organization's ability to rapidly detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents in a timely manner to minimize business impact. Ebbe will in this presentation give some general implementation guidance based on best practice and his many years of experience in detecting and tracking hackers/intruders. For targeted cyber intrusions of higher sophistication, he will explain how NNIT assists organizations with responding. This includes developing a strategic plan to contain and eradicate the intrusion and providing guidance to improve the organization's cybersecurity posture in preparation for adversaries attempting to regain access to the organization's computers. Detect and Respond – On Prem and in Cloud Christian Dinesen, Senior Security Architect & Ethical Hacker, NNIT Detecting and Responding to the emerging threats on companies on prem or cloud assets has become even more important and complex. Companies are either getting hit with targeted attacks or as innocent bystanders in the ever increasing threats. Knowing what to act on and what to prioritize when responding has evolved the market the last years. Christian will share an agnostics view on the different technologies to protect on prem (by some called legacy) and the different ways to utilize cloud technologies – this seen both from an asset protection perspective and a utilizations. PRACTICALITIES Date and time Thursday, November 7, 8.30-13.30 Place NNIT, Østmarken 3A, 2860 Søborg Contact Do you have any questions? Please contact Nicoline Liu Poulsen at nlpo@nnit.com
NNIT AI Seminar: Scale Data Science AI Seminar: Scale Data ScienceNovember 12 |Søborg Not just the AI-Powered Organization are now challenged on how to deploy and operationalize AI at scale – even beginners in the AI Powered organization are challenged on how to get started. Learn how NNIT Customers are scaling data science with MLOps and taking AI/ML to the next level. Our slogan Let data scientists do science "More than half of data science projects are never fully deployed." These issues are especially prevalent when trying to move from Proof of Concept or small data science projects to larger or continuous operation, where Organizations and Data Scientist lack specific experience or education around operation of models on this Enterprise level. Attending this seminar we enable you to realize the full potential in data science, using sustainable capabilities, standardized processes, and tooling – or at least we enable you to start the journey. Many recent publications by Gartner, Google, McKinsey & Harvard Business Review agree with our finding; suggesting that 53-88% of enterprise data science initiatives fail, chiefly due to strategic organizational shortcomings. Sign up for the seminar below Agenda 08.30 - 09.00 ​Breakfast & registration ​09.00 - 09.15 ​Welcome ​09.15 - 09.45 ​NNIT Customer Case by Christian Svendsen, NNIT ​09.45 - 10.15 ​The art of doing Data Science by Jannic Stolzenbach, Corporate Entrepreneur, NNIT 10.15 - 10.30 Break​ ​10.30 - 11.00 ​How to scale Data Science in PFA by Johannes Waage, Sr. Data Scientist, PFA ​11.00 - 11.45 2021.AI​ by Michael Munck, CEO & Rasmus Hauch, 2021.AI ​11.45 - 12.30 ​Kubernetis customer story, Google ​12.30- 12.45 Closing remarks ​12.45 - ​Lunch & Networking
NNIT Breakfast Brief: Data Privacy and the Growing Role of the DPO Breakfast Brief: Data Privacy and the Growing Role of the DPONovember 14 | Søborg It is almost one and half years since the European General Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced. Since then, many companies have been working to ensure GDPR compliance by prioritizing data protection and implementing different approaches to secure personal data. The latest report from Datatilsynet shows that there are no significant changes in the types of breaches being reported. In particular, the report indicates that data controllers have obtained a good overview of internal procedures and collected incidents, so that the actual breaches are captured and reported. Just over 6000 reviews have been received from May 25th, 2018 to June 30th, 2019. This is also an indication that companies and employees are still on a GDPR Personal Awareness Journey.NNIT would like to invite you in for a breakfast brief, where, we will discuss the complex challenges of continuous GDPR compliance and introduce the coming challenges of e-Privacy. Key takeaways Mock inspections give insight to the maturity of your GDPR journey How to keep up with Datatilsynet's checklists Education and awareness are key to privacy by design Introduction to e-Privacy – what you need to be aware of Target group Data protection officers and leaders in business, IT and legal working with data privacy and GDPRTime Thursday, November 14th, 2019, 830-1100Place NNIT, Østmarken 3A, 2860 SøborgRegistration Agenda ​0830 ​Registration and breakfast​0900 ​Welcome ​0910 ​Status on NNIT's GDPR Journey & Dual Data Role ​0930 ​Fulfillment of requirements in GDPR ​0950 ​Personal Awareness Journey – Continuous Education ​1010 ​Continuous compliance and beyond GDPR – e-Privacy even bigger then GDPR?​1030 ​Lounge and networking
Seminar: Get to Cloud safely with NNIT Cloud Journey Get to Cloud safely with NNIT Cloud JourneyNovember 19 | Søborg Get a thorough overview of all the phases of the transition from on-premise to Cloud. In this seminar you will get an overview of everything from the initial analysis, the implementation of the cloud solution itself and subsequent optimization using Cost Management and Infrastructure Assesment.There are significant benefits to be gained by moving parts of your infrastructure and workloads from on-premise to Cloud. And the odds of being able to reap the benefits of the investment quickly increase with proper planning, analysis, execution and follow-up. Further Jesper Dalgaard from Arla will come and present Arla's Cloud journey, why they decided to move to the cloud, what they are using it for and how they are developing their services and lastly the economic learnings it has giving them. Key takeaways from the seminar Why Cloud – Trends, benefits and business case Cloud Strategy – how does Cloud align with your overall IT strategy? Plan & Build – get safely from plan to implemented solution How to ensure that the business understands and utilizes the benefits provided by Cloud How to expand your business with cloud Show case of AI and cognitive services Keep your eye on the horizon with Cloud Advisory og Infrastructure Assessment. Sign upAgenda ​0830 - 0900 Breakfast & registration​​0900 - 0910 ​Welcome by Jesper Bagh, NNIT ​0910 - 0950 ​NNIT Hybrid Cloud Journey by Jesper Hald, NNIT ​0950 - 1020 ​Arla Cloud Journey by Jesper Dalgaard, Arla ​1020 - 1035 ​Break ​1035 - 1100 ​Expanding your business with cloud by Søren Olsen, NNIT ​1100 - 1130 ​Meet the NNIT Lab by Kristoffer Andreasen, NNIT ​1130 - 1145 ​Final notes by Jesper Bagh, NNIT ​1145- Lunch and networking​
Seminar: While we wait for SAP S/4HANA While we wait for SAP S/4HANA26. November | NNIT, Søborg​NNIT is among the leading SAP suppliers in Denmark and, therefore, we know how companies use SAP to support the development of new business models to enhance their journey toward a higher degree of digitalized business.Join our seminar "While we wait for SAP S/4HANA" on November 26 in Søborg and learn more about what you can do to prepare an existing SAP ECC installation for the transition to SAP S/4HANA. Key takeaways from the seminar SAP S/4HANA 1909 highlights within areas such as Finance, Manufacturing, and Extended Warehouse Management. Transition scenarios and opportunities in different situations. Get the overview of the transition journey itself and the various preparatory activities that may be performed before the actual transition to SAP S/4HANA. SAP Activate, general presentation of the individual variants and implementation phases, and the connection to SAP Solution Manager. How can a qualified business analysis enable you to provide a well-thought out and thoroughly prepared basis for investment decisions in connection with the transition journey to SAP S/4HANA?In addition, we have invited some of our cooperation partners to speak about the possibilities in various SAP Cloud products, e.g. SAP Concur, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP 4 Real Estate. Fill out below form for registrationAgenda ​0830 - 0900 Breakfast & registration​​0900 - 0945 ​Why S/4? Update from 1909 Transition scenarios / opportunities Preparing for the S/4 journey - what should we do now?​0945 - 1030 ​SAP Activate Short introduction to SAP Activate The individual phases The connection to SOLMAN​1030 - 1045 ​Break​1045 - 1215 ​SAP Cloud solutions Introduction to SAP Cloud solutions SAP Concur SAP Real Estate SAP SuccessFactors Blackline SAP Analytics Cloud ​1215 - 1300 Lunch and networking​