Webinar: MES Migration MES MigrationApril 29 | Webinar ​Pharma 4.0 and digitalization of the pharmaceutical production are top of most life sciences companies' agenda. At the same time, MES solution providers have either migrated their solutions to new technology platforms or developed entirely new MES solutions. Reason enough to think about moving a first generation MES to the next level. However, it is a headache for many manufacturers to think about MES migration or an upgrade, as this kind of project is considered labour-intensive and high-risk. There is uncertainty about how to migrate data from the legacy MES to the new system, and even whether and how historic data, such as executed batch records, should be archived. Why replace a running system? There are symptoms that clearly indicate that an MES system is outdated and should be replaced. And there are also "treatments" that help you upgrade a legacy MES to the new version during ongoing operations with little or no risk. This webinar will discuss some of the factors which need to be considered when deciding on upgrading or replacing an existing MES. Agenda The Symptoms Does my current MES need to be upgraded or replaced? When should the migration be planned? The Treatment Upgrade or replace – which solution is the best for my company? Things to consider when choosing the most suitable option Speaker Thomas Halfmann, Global Head Production IT, Life Sciences, NNIT Sign up here
CIO of the year 2020 of the year 2020September 3 | Copenhagen​NNIT is once again part of the CIO of the year award in collaboration with Computerworld, Dansk IT, and IDC. This is the 15th election of the CIO of the year.The award highlights the amazing work being done in the organizations across the country to utilize the large business potential of IT and digitalization. At the event Jens Maagøe, CTO in NNIT will speak. The Jury, who elects the CIO of the year, consists of Stig Lundbech, CIO, Koncern IT Københavns Kommune (CIO representative) Martin Lumbye, CEO and partner, North-East Venture (Top leader representative) Martin Zachariasen, principal, ITU (Academic representative) Line Ørskov, CEO, Quarterly Analytics and member of the board Dansk IT (Danish IT representative) Lars Jacobsen, chief editor, Computerworld (Computerworld representative) Charlotte Thygesen Poulsen, VP, IDC (IDC representative og chairman of the jury 2020) Read more about the nomination process, the program of the day and the jury behind the awards
Conference: How does Industry 4.0 change pharmaceutical manufacturing? How does Industry 4.0 change pharmaceutical manufacturing?8-9 September | Berlin, Germany ​Transitioning to Pharma 4.0 offers new opportunities and challenges at the same time. This event provides the appropriate platform to discuss the best practices and experience of introducing, implementing and managing emerging technology capabilities. Main focus will be on analytics and data integrity, automation, the workforce of the future, technical and operational transformation, and end-to-end integration. Thomas Halfmann, Global Head Production IT Life Sciences, will chair the first conference day and deliver the following presentation The Future of MES and IoT and Pharma 4.0The concept of MES as a system to execute, monitor, track and re­port manufacturing operations in real time has been established in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Today MES is a very critical component for most companies to embark onto the journey to­wards digitalization and Pharma 4.0. Although "MES for Pharma" was designed pre-IoT, it will remain as the core system to manage data and information for manufacturing of medicinal products and there­fore is the key fundament for data integrity on the journey towards digitalization and Pharma 4.0. Key topics that will be discussed are MES as being fundamental for safely releasing products to the market (and the patients) MES in cell & gene therapy manufacturing (needle-to-needle) Integrated information architecture of manufacturing and supply chain to ensure the safe release and supply of medicine to the market and patient Read more about the Pharma 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Summit.
Infosecurity 2020 2020September 30 & October 1| Copenhagen ​About the conferenceInfosecurity Denmark 2020 will entail more than 100 seminars and cases, 20 selected keynotes and 80 exhibitors. Two days full of knowledge and networking. The program covers compliance, cybercrime, IoT, enterprise mobility as well as cloud security and will give a unique look into the newest IT security challenges on a high professional level. As a participant you will be updated on both the newest technical progess from top researchers, get insight into the current threats from some of the best advisors in the world and finally, you can discuss your user experiences with some of the best known danish security brands. Presentation Data is the new gold - but how do you protect it?The amount of data is increasing, which means that companies generate, handle and store much more data than previously. With the growing amounts of data, the need for data protection increases as well. Esben Kaufmann, Head of Cybersecurity Consulting in NNIT will in this presentation present his take on how you can ensure that cybersecurity is a natural part of your data journey.