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We run more HANA databases than anyone in Denmark.

When your IT infrastructure is based on an in-memory database, your business gains value in terms of real-time data processing. SAP HANA is a quantum leap in speed that enables completely new types of business analyses. With NNIT as a partner, you benefit from our expertise and secure implementation.

With SAP HANA, you get a high-speed database that allows you to access and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. HANA is based on in-memory computing, which means that your company's databases can run in fast RAM rather than on relatively slow hard drives.

HANA is the database solution that SAP will support from now on and the one for which all new SAP features are being developed.

– HANA allows companies to have much faster business processes than those with a hard disk-based database. This means faster data reporting, faster analysis, and shorter response times. Put simply, it can transform your company's internal processes and customer response times, explains John Sander Petersen, Director of Business Critical Application Services at NNIT.

New, speedy analysis options
In short, SAP HANA's in-memory technology is an IT infrastructure that makes your company's business intelligence far more current. Through real-time data storage, HANA allows analysis of the business across a range of application areas. Thus, providing you with the increased flexibility and transparency you need to optimize processes and business models.

With SAP HANA, data can be analyzed significantly faster than with traditional technology. It opens up for opportunities that you may find hard to imagine. In many organizations, there are questions that are never asked because they already know the answers are beyond the abilities of technology. These questions can now be answered.

– HANA has also been developed to analyze data across a range of different application areas. This has resulted in the development of predictive analyses from sources that have traditionally been difficult to analyze, explains John Sander Petersen.

Proof of value
With NNIT, you get access to 350 knowledgeable and HANA-certified SAP consultants and our combined experience from previous HANA migration projects.

NNIT can migrate both individual SAP systems and entire SAP landscapes.

– When enterprise organizations need to renew their IT infrastructure, HANA is the obvious choice. But, of course, migrating of all your data from one database to another is not a simple process. For this reason, we have developed a Proof-of-Concept approach that allows companies considering a HANA solution to see proof of the expected value gained from migrating, says John Sander Petersen.


  • SAP HANA is based on in-memory computing and provides completely new opportunities for analyzing large amounts of data in real-time.
  • SAP HANA excels at analyzing application areas throughout the business.
  • NNIT is a highly competent partner for the partial or total migration of SAP landscapes to HANA.