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SAP Solutions

SAP for Life Sciences

SAP for Life Sciences

Use SAP solutions to leave manual processes behind and become more efficient by automating key aspects of your production, procurement, and shipping. With our extensive experience in tailoring SAP solutions for the life sciences industry, NNIT will minimize your risks and ensure that you are always fully compliant.

The life sciences industry is fraught with rules and compliance regulations. It can be both challenging and time consuming to stay compliant with manual procurement correspondence and paper-based batch documentation. To become more efficient, you can switch to a streamlined automated process using SAP software.

How to make SAP solutions fit your business perfectly
The strong core in SAP makes it easy to connect seamlessly across your IT setup and specific systems for production, asset management, and/or analytics. But in order to gain maximum output from your SAP solutions, it is necessary to adapt them to fit the specific needs of your business.

Due to our pharma background, we have vast experience with SAP integration projects in the life sciences industry. We use proven best-practice methods and are fully versed in SAP's various integration tools.

Based on extensive knowledge acquired over several SAP projects with established life sciences companies, we have developed risk and validation templates and a standard URS (user requirement specification) that fit the specific needs of a SAP ERP system for life sciences companies. This makes the implementation process faster with better risk management.

With our trial method you get the opportunity to test the system before making the investment. We make sure you get a thorough demonstration and together we identify how and where the solution needs to be adapted to fit the specific needs of your business. The solution is deployed in a development environment and gradually integrated at a tempo suitable for your processes and running projects.

Let NNIT and SAP strengthen your company
At NNIT, we have a long-running partnership with SAP. One of SAP's focus areas is life sciences and they regularly make improvements and additions for their solutions, such as advanced track and trace for pharmaceuticals, which has been developed in cooperation with the pharma industry.

NNIT's inhouse SAP experts are at the forefront of SAP solutions and they come with extensive backgrounds in the life sciences industry. They ensure that your SAP solution is optimized so that your company can reap the rewards of significantly more efficient processes.

Preparing for the future with SAP
When making sure your company is ready for the future, IT should be one of your focus areas. The technological foundation on which you build your company plays a very important role in what you will be able to do in the long run. With SAP's new S/4Hana solutions you get the advantages of embedded analytics and faster data processing. This provides you with valuable production data that you can use to improve processes, shorten delivery time, and adjust production according to storage capacity. In short, a strong SAP core allows you to speed up your time to market.

At NNIT, our SAP practice is comprised of:

  • SAP Consultancy, ensuring the right SAP solution for you
  • SAP Basis, focusing on hosting services
  • SAP Application Outsourcing, delivering application maintenance and development
  • SAP Projects, delivering larger SAP projects